I needn’t explain why the background music is the Bone of a Good Movie. Notice the first letters of the last three words? Cool, Thanks 🙂
We are blessed to have amazing music directors in our FI who can add life to any bullshit movie, I believe. And how fun it would be if God played some real music in background every time we feel low and high. Adding life to life 🙂

Me and my friends, whom we fondly call ourselves as “cinemaniacs”, always associate some back ground music to every scene we talk about. Trust me, it is fun and you will always cherish it every time you listen to it. Both the scene and the friend. Why because memories are so priceless. And so is good music. Having both of them at a place is “no confusion, great combination”. Before someone sings “babuu chitti…” for me, I shall list some scenes and some good music which go together. Caution: The list isn’t confined to just these!

That satisfied look on your face after your professor is content with your work/ They called you to the stage to collect some prize:
Mom/Dad all praises for the good thing you’ve done:
For that fellow who always acts over-smart in front of your parents/lover:

For all valentines because Feb is fast approaching:

Your eyes met for the first time:
You realize you’re falling in love:
Yearning for his/her love:
Love accepted:
You realize how much he/she loves you:
Your conversations pep up and love is on track:
You realize its all over between you two:

You won the argument between you and a friend:

And I cannot end this post without this:

It is the very first track which made me notice (okay, hear) and fall in love with BGMs.

Don’t you think this is over. I will be back with regular updates to this post. (Billa BGM playing in background)