15 from 15

My biggest resolution for ’16 is to be positive. I hurt my finger 3 days back and I took a positive step by not panicking at the sight of blood and positively put a band-aid on it from a box that had a big “+” symbol on it. So much positivity is happening! Jokes apart, I am serious about being “+”. I cannot guarantee how long I will stick to this but this is how I have interpreted my retrospects for now-  a list of all my lowlights and highlights from 2015:

1. I wasted a lot of time.
A LOT! Wasted time on stupid things on internet, on incomplete projects and on useless gossip. Lesson learnt. I should have at least written sriramajayam all this time for punyam.
Anyways, I did come across some nice magazines like outofprintmagazine and good blogs like madrasink, padmum and mrigankwarrier. Please suggest good sites that you have come across{Bhagawan ke naam pe}.

2. I was open to failures and criticism.
Failure in my life is like that one FB friend whom you try to avoid deliberately but he catches you however and ruins your mood with nasty talk. And criticism is just the elder brother of failure. It’s hard to escape from these tragic bros and it is necessary to tackle them with wit and patience. In relation to this, some reality check happened this year and I have accepted that it is for my own good.

3. Cleaned my friends list.
I still have 500+ friends in my fb list for the record. But that is not the measure you want. Real friends are those people who “like” you for what you are and help you better yourself instead of picking on your shortcomings and bitching about it. I realized I’ve few such friends and I’ve been a true friend to just some few.

Free advice: Distancing from negative thoughts and gossip will save you from lot of nonsense and gives you mental peace.

Or should I say that I took good vacation? I’d been to many new places including a new continent! I had bad experiences with some flights and better experiences with ground transportation but the best experience was to chill with the group I traveled.

5. Pushed my comfort levels.
I am not a sucker for thrills. My biggest thrill is to go to the top of a green mountain (by road, of course) and drink coffee while looking at the clouds on the same level. I had this thrill couple of times already. So this year, I snorkeled (YAY!) and zip-lined through a rain forest. You people who did scuba diving and sky diving- please don’t mock!

6. Cooked, baked and ate all of it.
What else would a foodie like me say? I took a shot at cooking a lot of recipes from yummly and numerous cooking blogs that I follow. Some of them like lasagna bombed like crazy but hey- some like veg pizza were near to pro. Once you get a hang of cooking, it also relieves stress. This strictly applies to cooking and not cleaning the aftermath!

7.Tried new things.
I tried new color on my hair, did eye makeup all by myself and also baking.

8.Became health and weight conscious
I was always cautious about my health but this year I took it to the next level with next thing- my weight. Hoping to see results in 2016 or 2017 or 2032. Or may be sometime before I die.

source: 4.bp.blogspot.com

9. Made a stranger smile.

10. Got inspired.
This is not new to me because I’ve a new list every year. My list this year has one colleague who is our entire team combined into one and one fb friend who took up a challenge in 2015 and finished it. However in my case, this feeling generally has the lifetime of a cheese stick on my plate(approx 4 sec). I’ve decided to do better next year.

11. Read zero books.
Not that I am one person who reads everything that Crossword sells but I do read books. Especially when friends like Ro recommend. This year, I read ZERO. Discounting the book that airplanes have in their seat pouch with the safety card.

12. Sang something that I learnt when I was in high school and pulled it off.
Can this be something that I can be really proud of? Please please.

13. Netflix/Hulu and chill.
Imagine a kid who lives on dal and curd rice. Send him to a lavish buffet that has a nominal fee and spread from across the world. Not that the kid has never been to a multi cuisine restaurant before but don’t you get the point already? No torrents, HD Video and no pain of searching internet.
PS: Please note that the dal and curd rice are still my staple food. Masala is okay too as long as it is not unhealthy. Cannot eat stale food however.

OMG! I’m full of analogies today 😀

PPS: I followed “How I met your mother” back then for some time(but not for long). Now I wish Ted never met kids’ mother at all. ‘Kuch kuch hota hai‘ has a better storyline FYI.

14. Met a close friend and laughed to my heart’s content.
Kd, the fire star. Someone who has her name written in RED on (almost)every page of my college life. Cheers to 10 years of awesomeness and all that! There is one more that I haven’t met recently, but all in good time!

15. Spent quality time writing in Telugu.
I wrote several articles in Telugu (most of them are lying as drafts in my gmail). I read them every now and then and edit them hoping to publish but I honestly have no idea what I want. Everything either seems preachy or pointless. I am critical of myself.

If you’re still with me – I conclude this with a hope to have a positive 16th point next year. Here’s wishing everyone a very healthy and prosperous new year.


Return of the king!

Yellow and ripe
as big as my palm,
Worth all the hype
for it’s straight from the farm.
Comes in hundred sorts,
each has its own smack.
Dad brings them in lots
Mom puts them up in the rack.
Its scent all over,
doesn’t keep me in peace.
Like a fly I hover,
to devour each piece.


“Keep it to the last”
Mom passes an order.
I finish the rest items fast
drooling over its odor.
Slowly one by one
I relish the cut pieces.
Now that I won,
The feeling finally eases.
Good fruits are just few,
This is the return of the king.
Summer I love you,
Good bye dear spring.

The Wedding Food

“When are you going to put dal rice?” is a polite way of saying “Enjoying single life eh? Enough of that and get hitched soon.” Every single on this earth has his/her own way of decently dismissing this question. This kid will show you the heights of it!

Wedding and all- I don't want.

Source: I found this on some random website during some random fb-ing session with some random friend.

I always wanted to ask- why is dal rice associated to Kalyanam in South India? As if we’re eating just dal with rice at any wedding reception. Marriages are made in heaven because they are never down to earth (note: this line is copied). I will certainly rant about it later but not in this post. Typical vindu today is a large buffet with North indian/South Indian/Chinese/Road side cuisines. Do not think of what the last one means. Road side cuisine is pani puri/sev puri. This is how some elders disgrace the divine taste.

Get the following operations done when eating the wedding food and be sure you have made full justice to your attendance to the event:

  • Mission1: Take one big plate with an expression as if eating food is the last thing you want to do. You needn’t show that you’re drooling on the aroma of pani puri/veg manchurian . You might have to push others who are standing in front to grab a spoon/fork. If you don’t have experience, try practicing the same by buying tickets in a crowded bus. (Hint: Take 216K at Mehdipatnam and get down at Nanalnagar.)
  • Mission2: If you’re that type who eats carrots/keera or such grass in occasions like this, please close this page immediately. Also inbox me your name, I shall unfriend you on Facebook.
  • Mission3: Look for the counter which is less crowded. Fruits section will be one of such kind. Don’t go there. There is time yet.
  • Mission4: I know how hard it is to stand in front of roti and sabzi section with an empty plate in hand when the aunty next to you is devouring rumali roti with kadai panneer. So do not hesitate to barge into the group. Most of them stand at the counter itself so that they don’t have to come back again for the second serving. No harm in harming such people. They deserve it.
  • Mission5: Someone who is a Hyderabadi at heart will not require a separate invitation to the biryani counter. And hardly it ever matches his/her expectations. So adjust madi. Also, do not dream of having it with both mirchi ka salan and raitha. Too much only!
  • Mission impossible: With a plate as colorful as a rangoli, you will search for a chair to sit down and eat it in peace. I BET you won’t find such one in the hall. The one in the corner will definitely be empty, so be sure it has a broken leg. If at all your stars are lucky, you will find one chair to sit on for which you will fight with your friend. Eventually an elderly aunty will come by and look at you with contempt. You will have to sacrifice it for her.
  • Mission7: There are three types of eaters in this world. First kind eat till their stomach is full and do not even think of food once it is full. If you’re of this kind, you can skip this. Second kind want to eat everything edible under the sun and will always have a small corner in their paunch to accommodate the new variety. Third kind are brain eaters. I must admit I fall into the last two categories. God blessed me with two-three friends who are exactly of my kind and we generally grace each and every section with a big grin on our faces. Mission7 is to put the “I was here” mark on every section.
  • Mission8: Desserts need not always be chocolate brownies or caramel custards or Tiramisu. ( I wish I could attend weddings which serve these as desserts, tchhh). Grab your favorite mithai and relish it without complaints. In case you want more, you can always point to the uncle who is standing very far from you and say it is for him.
  • Mission9: All pan lovers, this is your day. Eat as many as you can(want). No one really cares. I am the one who always fights for the cherry and the toothpick which comes with the pan. I can always be a helping hand for any body who wants to eat more than one.
  • Mission10: Have some shame and go congratulate the couple who got/are getting married 😀

PS: When you read this post the next time, make sure you read mission10 first.