Why I don’t blog often and other things

Thanks for asking. I never really thought someone will miss me blogging. As I rub the happy tears off my eyes, I get to touch the tiny brat- a pimple on my left cheek which I can hear saying ” I’ll leave one day but with a mark that I was here”. Let me tell you one thing. I have survived Hyderabad roads for 7-8 years of my prime adolescence and my face was pretty much clear at that time (whether I looked pretty or not is another question- I am not going to answer that). Don’t know why USA is so spiteful, I am always spotted with one or more beauty spots and my face has more oil than Digboi oil wells. Whenever I complain about this I just get one answer-

 ” You’re married kade. Marriage does that to you”.

There I said it for the first time on my blog- I’m married. Yes, almost for an year now. But this is not why I don’t find time to write. There is lot more to it. A tremendous change in my life occurred which is the only good thing I did after a lot of planning and research. I started counting calories and also cardio of beginner level. With only hope of losing those extra pounds that I gained after moving here. Note the drama in previous sentence and guess what happened? Exactly! I gained few more and now have reached a round figure (both literally and otherwise) to work out.

Again, the only answer I get when I whine about this is

“You’re married kade. Marriage does that to you”.


I am one of those people who like to travel. Please don’t mistake to me an avid traveler who always has a back pack ready because travel in my dictionary has a different meaning. I don’t really mind going to a local place that is not picturesque or calling-for-DSLR and I would still call it travel. My only condition is that I have to to enjoy the trip. The tedious travel from my house in Hyderabad to the office location which happened to be a whole different planet from the city taught me this.

Last year has been wonderful that way- I got to tick off many places that I have on my must visit list. Kashmir to start with. I used to dream of visiting Kashmir ever since Roja. When I actually saw its snow-capped mountains and valleys with my eyes ,I felt cameras are useless. Kashmir is divine and nothing less. I wanted to write a detailed travel blog with when-what-how-where about Kashmir and never found time.

We also went to Hawaii (Kauai) and saw the most famous Jurassic park water falls with several other attractions. With legs that have the history of Vizag steel plant, a trip cannot be simple and hence the next things happened. Hawaii islands were issued flood alert on one Monday and we landed there on that Monday morning. We planned to stay there till Thursday and so said the warning about the floods. But thankfully, we covered every place on the island with some smart planning and we also did some shopping! It was one experience which definitely has to go in this blog but as you must have got it- I have the topics, but no time!

By no time I mean not even in weekends. All I get to do in weekends (if I am not traveling or visiting friends) is pressing clothes, groceries, experimental cooking and sleeping without the sense of time. Yeah, I know what you’ll say.

“You’re married kade. Marriage does that to you.”

Another topic I had in mind was that of those annoying people who try to wax eloquent of “Arranged marriage”. I believe in marriages and really do not care whether it is love/arranged. I also believe (and would like to continue believing) I got whom I wanted and that sums up to a perfect marriage. My only little peeve is that he cannot immediately get the Telugu movie references I make in every sentence (KD , I miss you!) . Well I cannot really blame him because I am weird that way. I have the history of encouraging Tollywood without any bias- be it Vinod kumar’s or Mahesh babu’s I will watch it (Just kidding, I never touched this guy’s movies).


Jokes apart, My husband really is a good keeper. We are a happy couple. So are my 30 other friends who had an arranged marriage. And 100 other couples I know. There must be several thousands of such happy people. There is no golden rule about marriages and in fact any relationship. If you don’t try to save it, you’ll lose it. Well, if you want to argue that people who had arranged marriage won’t try please donate your organs to Osmania and suicide. I wanted to write it a detailed blog post to vex  out this frustration but an inner voice this time said

“You’re married kade. Now you know it. They will learn it themselves.”

That’s it for now. One blog post to sum up my life- relationship status, location, weekend plans and latest peeves.

You may ask “why this hurry?”. I have an answer ready-

“I’m married kada!”