• Story. NO, it is not about a meticulous patriot who gets emotionally hurt by politics/society/corruption like in Shankar’s movies. NO, no tinge of ManiRatnam either. It is just a Murugadoss’s comeback after the failed attempt of Seventh sense.
  • Not really overboard but the editing could have been crisp. Some scenes which were meant to be funny were not actually funny.
 Story line
  •  How a soldier cum DIA agent from Indian army destroys sleeper cells in Mumbai. Ofcourse there is some yes-no-yes-no romance with Kajal. I found it cute.
 Terrible points
  •  Moooooojik
  • Worst of Harris Jayraj is here. Google-google was okay. The song on Indian army was nice too but points to Karthik and content of the song.
  • Amazing BGM. Vijay’s theme is one of the best ones I heard.
 ONLY in Thuppaki
  • Scenes seem real. One/two dialogues about Indian army which can get you goosebumps. You like a villain more than the hero. Sigh!
 Regular elements
  • B.O.R.I.N.G music which seemed so out of place.
Treat for
  • Someone who is looking for a fresh movie.
 Extra points
  • One or two dialogues and taking of the movie.
 My recommendation
  • Reminds you of Rangam. Please do watch it on big screen.

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