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  • I will have to probably list every card from the titles. What a team!
  • AB, Ilayaraja and PC.Sreeram need a second mention.
  • Some dialogues are very very well written. For instance:
    “I respect the dead not the living”
    “Jab audio ki vajah se video chalta hai … usko picture kaise bula sakte hai?“”
    Yeh awaaz tho ek kutthe ki mooh se bhi achchi lagegi
  • I really want to ask why R.Balki loves toilet humor so much. “Piddly“‘s visuals started off well but they got really piddly.
  • The nursery kids scene involving alphabet was irritating while A-Z with all swear words was creative.
Story line
  • Dhanush is a mute person who is crazy about making it big in cinema. Amitabh lends his voice to him and there is an ego clash.
Terrible points
  • All those scenes that have gone overboard.
  • I found the satires on Bollywood (Thappad and Lifebuoy) very eww.
  • It has been very long since I liked a complete album. So I would rate this 5/5. And for the critics, Ilayaraja re-uses some of his tunes. Everyone says that and everyone knows that. But the beauty here is that they are different each time. For instance, sannata here is a dance number. Its original from Johny(Tamil) is a duet!
ONLY in Shamitabh
  • A novel story that has a neat execution by industry’s big heads. What else do we need?
Regular elements
  • None.
Treat for
  • Your eyes and ears. Brain might find it little dragged.
Extra points
  • Dialogues!
My recommendation
  • Watch it. You wont regret it.

4 thoughts on “Shamitabh

  1. The premise was great but after the first 30 mins I felt like leaving the theatre. My tolerance for bad movie making has become very low :D. And while everyone goes gaga over Mr. Bachchan’s performance, I thought Dhanush was the better actor.

    • I liked both actors Nammu. And I am not a crazy fan of Bachhan or Dhanush. I have a feeling that both of them are overrated.

      I still feel the movie is too stretched but I certainly like it except for some scenes😁😁

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