Love Failure

  • Siddarth. He looked amazing in this movie. I still cannot believe he is 32.
  • Couple of scenes which  youth can relate to.
  • Love story of Amala’s parents. Did the director really want audience to believe it?
 Story line
  • Meet. Fall in love. Fight. Breakup. Patchup. Packup 🙂
 Terrible points
  • Nothing terrible. Editing could have been more sharp.
  • Inthazaare and melukora are my choices.
 ONLY in Love failure
  • Siddarth at his best. Specially the check shirts B-)
 Regular elements
  • Girl falls in love/ identifies herself in love when she needs  an emotional support, esp when she lacks it at home. I hate this concept. I really do.
Treat for
  • Siddarth’s fans obviously.
 Extra points
  • None!
 My recommendation
  • Zee-telugu must have bought the satellite rights already.