Ek main aur ekk tu

  • Kareena kapoor. She is just fab as Rianna in this movie.
  • Nothing actually. Just like the protagonist in this movie, this movie is just PERFECTLY AVERAGE.
 Story line
  • Two opposites end up getting married when drunk. What happens in their life for the next 15days is what we see on screen.
 Terrible points
  • Cannot think of anything!
  • I liked almost each song 🙂
  • Climax is the beginning of a love story.
 Regular elements
  • Girl is chirpy and acts on her will. Guy is grumpy and cannot get to act on his own. Meets his opposite and gets the enough courage to blurt his frustration out.  What was Bommarillu(2007) all about ?
Treat for
  • Kareena’s fans.
  • Someone who is looking for a not-so-boring  tp movie.
 Extra points
  • Both of them do not cancel the annulment of their wedding and hug each other. Climax (guts to end it that way) deserves an applause.
 My recommendation
  • Watchable.