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  • Simple story line which doesn’t have a lot of twists and characters. It is pleasant.
  • Performances by lead actors which need no mention.
  • Frankly none. But because a review has to be picky, I would say the drama in the second half has gone a little overboard. Also, I am an ardent fan of Venky and I was sad to see him on the screen so old with wrinkles on his face. If Rajnikanth can look young, why can’t you Venky?
Story line
  • How a common man, guilty of a crime, finds his way out to save his family from the jail.
Terrible points
  • I personally did not like the pace of the film. It is S.L.O.W. It could have been a better watch.


  • So thankful to the director that there are no songs for every single emotion- romance between the pair, grief of the family members, rejoice that they are out of danger. The film has it all but no songs to interrupt the flow. There are two short songs but they are well in line with the story.
ONLY in Drushyam
  • Big heads in the industry have opted to play their age for the performance and not for glamor.
Regular elements
  • Venky’s family sentiment which happens to strike a chord every time. He has something in him which connects to the audience when it comes to acting.
Treat for
  • People who want some change from the regular revenge stories. I know it is a Malayalam remake, but again it is not a bad remake.
Extra points
  • None!
My recommendation
  • All is possible when it comes to family (or loved ones in general). Drushyam proves this. If you believe it too, you can watch it and enjoy!

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