What else can be a good start for a new series in my blog other than a review of MB’s movie.

  • Mahesh babu
  • Showing of Mahesh babu’s little finger.
  • Irritating concept of why he comes to Mumbai
  • Foul language to show nativity!If mumbaikars can talk in Telugu for viewers convenience, Mahesh can also stop swearing   for the same reason!
 Story line
  • One man who comes to Mumbai and tries to legalize Mafia to rule the world.


 Terrible points
  • No logic and no comedy


  • “Saar ostara” will haunt you.
  • I personally liked the background score and beats of “Bhaag saale” B-)
 ONLY in Businessman
  • Police turn positive for a Mafia leader that too for a reason not well explained.
 Regular elements
  • Prakash Raj is a corrupt politician.
Treat for
  • MB’s fans.  Everyone else will get bored to death.
 Extra points
  • None!
 My recommendation
  • Can wait till DVDs come to the market.