Only yapping!

This page will be full of yapping. I promise. And this will continue. Probably everyday with a new line.

  • Writing something started as a need to get popular in school. It transformed to a pastime later. Was passion during one phase.Is a liberation now.
  • What on earth is happiness? someone please explain before I go into any crisis. I shall buy you an ice cream to make you happy in return.
  • Did Mahesh babu drink some Jekyll and Hyde lotion? Isn’t he looking more and more awesome nowadays?
  • Yuvan Sankar Raja, you’re the best. Certainly!
  • If looking at cars and their number plates is a disease, I’m seriously ill.
  • Cooking something is real fun. Specially stories. I’m probably the best cook in the world.
  • Shouldn’t  Iragai pole (#tamil) be declared love anthem of this year(2011)?
  • SatyamevaJayate from Superheavy is cool.
  • One working day sandwiched between 4 holidays. Empty desks@office. Empty brains@work.
  • Mumbai cheese sandwich has to be patented definitely.
  • Now showing: Age. Age in my face, Age in my calendar, Age in my passport, driving license. Age everywhere.
  • Read a beautiful tale that happened for real in a mother’s life. It is of sorrow, relief,  terror and happiness. In short, It is of life. All I could do is shed tears for her and write an honest comment on her article. Every mother deserves a salute.
  • Started using the few Tamil words I know, thanks to a Tamil friend. “Nee po..”,”podi vetti”, “enna maa solra?”, “Nee tamil pesiyadu please” This is what she generally says in return.
  • Whoever said girls have upper-hand these days, come to me. With a hockey stick in your hand. Because I will use it on you.
  •  “Mangalagiri cotton” is definitely the best thing that happened to the fabric world. More I see, more I am falling in love with them. By the time I decide on one piece, My mother comes running from behind “Anu..Please don’t buy cottons..not anymore”. Sigh!
  • If you thought Puri has it in him to create wonders with MB, watch Businessman. It is not a is a very big blunder.
  • I have decided to watch Bodyguard in Sinhalese after it gets remade in Bengali, Marathi, Gujarathi, Assamese and Konkani. What a story and what a movie. Thu!
  • Title song of Ek Main Aur EKK Tu is just WOW.

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