Fav movies

There are some films that leave behind  a smile on your face when you watch them. Some tickle the funny bone and set you laughing like pigs. Some bring moisture to eyes. Some bring out the memories that are hidden deep inside the heart. Some leave you with a feeling to ponder – really? Some are stress busters, some are angst creators. Some are blood boiling, some are thought-provoking. All in all, Cinema is pious. With due respect to the people who made Indian cinema the giant it is, I heartily hate the people who disregard it. Here’s a small tribute to Indian cinema which made me sing, dance (okay, just shake my leg), think, smile, learn and the best of all- live.

  • All Mahesh’s movies
  • Kshana Kshanam
  • Gamyam
  • Thuppaki to some extent.
  • Sakhi/Alaipayuthey/Run for the sake of Madhavan.
  • Anjali for Ilayaraja and Revathi without a second thought.
  • Aditya 369 for the gripping story and the visuals.
  • All Jandhyala movies. Period.
  • Saagara Sangamam: Name a Telugu who doesn’t like this master piece.
  • Abhilasha(1983) for the novelty in the story.
  • VTV/YMC for the visual treat it is. What VTV is to Gautam Menon is what Mouna raagam is to Mani Ratnam. It takes a genius to touch a heart that way.
  • Roja and Bombay
  • Ganesh (1998) (For changing my perspective on medicine and doctors)
  • Gharshana (2003) (For the elegance and gentility of the story and taking of the movie).
  • Bharateeyudu (For the amazing flashback and climax episodes).
  • Nayakudu/Mahanadi for Dr.Kamal Haasan.
  • Taare Zameen Par.  SEL and Aamir Khan have been my favorites ever since.
  • Nuvvu naaku nachchav
  • Seetha Ramayya gari Manavaralu /Saaransh for the intense human emotions that are so aptly captured.
  • Mr.Pellam: One no-crap Telugu movie with my favorite crew- Rajendra Prasad and Bapu-Ramana.

And the list will continue 🙂


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