Moving On

Moving on is a narrative by Sruthi who has a broken relationship with Karthik. She runs into Surya who likes her and proposes to her. She is cornered to take a decision and Neethu, a friend who she confides in, helps her in the process.

  1. Moving on-1
  2. Moving on-2
  3. Moving on-3
  4. Chose to give another end to this series:

  5. Moving on-3(2)

    Thanks to the Telugu bloggers community for all the kind words!


6 thoughts on “Moving On

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  2. @sruthi you aren’t sure about what you want in your life, you just screw up on the way and you want the other person to be ok with it..!!!!
    @karthik i think you r dumb… if u think sruthi can find love from someone else (whom she just met) by giving her best or by keeping on loving him more and more… y do you think your relation didn’t work y did she leave you…..???

    • Sruthi:
      Is unsure about what she wants in life. That is a manufacturing defect 😛 There can be 1000 reasons (unexplained here) why a relationship fails. Well I don’t think there is anything wrong in at-least HOPING that the other person would be okay with it when each of them knows he/she still likes the other one.

      isn’t dumb at all and is rather levelheaded why because he accepted that they cannot be together. Again, the breakup was not because they had some indifference in opinions.

      I guess ending a love story on a happy note is making all this difference!

      • @Anupama its for sure sruthi is a manufacturing defect…!!!!!! i think relation works if people involved feel the problems they face are worth it, for their life together… else there is no point in crying over the break-ups right? i feel like its just a way of self satisfaction to get away from guilt…. clearly sruthi thinks karthik is not worth the risk. btw they way you carried the feel in narration was superb.. ❤ it..

        • i guess shruti has an awfully good reason to leave karthik behind… karthik is sure a sweetheart as he took all the pain to come back to her and make her normal….
          i still didnt get the point anupama. when shruti doesnt know what she wants in life there is no guarantee that she will remain happy with surya whom she hardly knows. and as we can see in the story she was trying to do stuff which karthik didnt like which implies she is still into him… i doubt if they can happily live ever after coz its human tendency to look into the rear mirror every now and then and compare it with what is before us…

          • The whole point of the story is love doesn’t imply two people have to live together. You love a person for what he/she is and it is quite likely that you may run into other people who are alike. Sruthi can be happy with Surya (or any body else for that matter) if she loves them which she has to eventually. Looking into the rear mirror is certainly something we humans cannot resist but change is the essence of life. You’d never know -there are some Suryas in this world who are better than Karthiks. And I believe once Surya becomes Karthik for Sruthi, her rear view mirror will not be of much use to her 🙂

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