Now watching: Kshana kshanam(క్షణ క్షణం )

5 things you love in this movie?

1. Venky 😀
2. Sridevi’s naive character and priceless expressions.
3. Paresh rawal who is a personifcation of the words “cute” and “lol”.
4. Impeccable bgm and songs.
5. Creativity in the story and the cinematography of the movie.
(Sadly it is inspired from a hollywood movie)

5 dialogues that lingered in your mind after you finished watching this movie?

1. “poovemena kanipistunda?” by paresh rawal.

పూవేమైన కనిపిస్తోందా?
2. “ayana alanti vallu karu” by paresh rawal.

ఆయన  అలాంటి వాళ్ళు కారు.

3. “cinemallo choostunte chala idi ga untundi..asalu ilanti vallu untara anipistundi” by sridevi.

సినిమాల్లో  చూస్తుంటే  చాలా  ఇదిగా  ఉంటుంది..అసలు  ఇలాంటి  వాళ్ళు  ఉంటారా  అనిపిస్తుంది

4. “teliyad saar” by yaadgiri(Its his screen name)

తెలియద్ సార్
5. “ante nuvvu podichaka atanu chachchipoyadu..
kadu ,nenu podichina tarvata chachchipoyadu”

అంటే నువ్వు పొడిచాక అతను చచ్చిపోయాడు.
కాదు, నేను పొడిచిన తర్వాత చచ్చిపోయాడు.

6. “ante naku kuda first time e kada..puli definitega undadu anukuntanu.”
“definite antavu..anukuntanu antavu
” (Oops! this is the 6th one 🙂 )

“అంటే నాక్కూడా ఫస్ట్ టైం ఏ కదా..పులి definite గా ఉండదు అనుకుంటాను.”
“definite అంటావు! అనుకుంటా అంటావు!”

5 best moments in the movie?

1. “Jamu ratiri
2. “Ko ante koti
3. Venkatesh’s story narration
4. Paresh rawal’s music quiz (Super LOL..I always do this)
5. Last scene when Venky and Sridevi come together with a sweet smile on their faces. (No boring “love me”….yet so romantic 🙂 )

PS:I am looking for bgm of this movie. If any of you has those tracks, please ping me!


WordPress blog of anoo’s records!

Well,this blog is a collection of all the records I have made for myself and break them so often!

1.Song I have listened to myriad number of times:
Its “yekkada vunna” from nuvvekavali.Believe it or not,I have listened to this song 10,762 times a single day!Fantabulous lyrics I must say,a person who is truly mad in love would enjoy this song like hell.
PS:I am NOT in love.Yet I LOVEEEEEE this song.
Many other songs are still in queue,but this still remains my first choice.

2.Film I have watched uncounted number of times:
Its nuvvu naaku nahcchav..Dont know what magic’s there in the movie,whenever I feel glum,I just play it and it revitalises me.
Perfect combo of comedy,love and sentiment.I still manage to find time to watch the movie atleast once a week in this busy schedule[4th sem in IIIT-CSE] of ours.

3.Well heres it-another record which I have recently made:
My mom was not at home ,neither my dad.So,I planned a big surprise for them-I decided that I would cook for them.I made Lemon Rice,cooked some dal and plain rice of which none of them turned to be edible.
Lemon Rice is the best of all-it atleast looked like one though it tasted extremely sour.Dal and plain rice turned out to be brown in color which I couldnt even look at for the second time- forget tasting them.
After they came home,we had a hearty laugh over this and discarded this “material” which our neighbours dog didnt taste either.
Great me!

4.Another record worth mentioning is that
I have watched Stalin in theature twice after watching it on my laptop.
No more elaborations on that!I guess it says it all.

5.Ultimate Replication:
Dont know in which class I was then.A painting competetion was condcuted in our school.
The topic was “Anything that makes you smile”.
I was extremely lazy to give it a try to think on my own.
I just looked into my neighbours paper.He had artistically drawn a clown by then and was coloring it.
I merely copied everything from his paper including the colors he was filling in.
Believe this or not,
I even copied his name,his roll number,class and section which was the biggest mistake I made.
Both of our names were shortlisted[ copied list] and the poor fella was disqualified for the final round.
Clever me!I denied that I copied from him..There was nothingon that paper that belonged to me!:D

[to be continued]


A living person whom I would like to meet:
Well I have seen many of my friends write about hollywood actors.My choice would be Dr.Kamal Hassan.There isnt any other Indian actor who is so dedicated to his profession.He literally worships work and Its not an exaggeration if I say the film “Mahanadi” which portrays a real life incident has made me cry the whole day.The film is all about how a happy-living family is scattered and the worst part of it is that the girl is sold to a brothel and the boy is left to his fate.Kamal played the lead as a hapless villager who lost and discovered his family in the metropolis and any other actor would not have done as good as him.Mahanadi is just an example.Indian,Anbe sivam[satyame sivam],Vichitra sodarulu[Kamal walks on his knees in the whole movie],Subhasankalpam[He played a fisherman who loses all his dear ones to save his master],Sagara sangamam[He played a middle class guy who is extremely passionate about dance-he fails in his love,his mother expires yet he finally wins.] .The very first thing thats appreciable in him is that he is very innovative,he craves for something new every time.The awards and felicitations he won are worth mentioning.-Padmasri,Doctarate,national awards,best debut actor in six regional markets all over India……And not to forget to mention-He is the first actor who turned his fan club into a non-profit organisation.

A non-living person whom I would like to meet:
That would be Kalpana Chawla.Its great to see women reach great heights.Well,I am a perfect feminiser in this context!

An event in history I would like to change:
Well,It would be the hijack of Indian airlines in Dec,1999.The rascals killed Mr.Rupin Katyal who was going on a honeymoon with his wife just for the heck of “FRIGHTENING THE PASSENGERS”[$$$$$$$].One of the newspapers at that time said “All the houses in Kolkatta lit diyas to welcome the new year and bid a bye to old year whereas Rupin’s house lit a diya in his remembrance to pay him homage and bid him bye forever.”I was moved.Nothing can be done to make his family smile on a new year day[Ahem..I coined this term just now].The trauma is indelible in their life..but If given a chance,I would erase this event in world history.

A movie I would like to witness without me being a part of it:
I would go with Deepti.All films which are meant to make India a better place are my choices.

A literary character I would like to meet:
Its doubt.The cute gal of her?
Or its Tom sawyer,I just love Tom’s story.The way he flirted with Becky,the way they sealed their love,the way he ran away from his house just to find out how much Aunt Polly loved him,those silly fights in love at such a tender age are really funny!

An incident in the history which I would like to witness:
Its the first naval parade in India.[I love Navy.:)]
choice2:Its the wedding of my parents.Yeah,I know its weird.But all of my aunts said they served 12 kinds of sweets at that time.And all my 32 teeth are sweet.I mean I have a sweeeeeeeeeeet tooth.

And Lastly..Thanks for tagging me Nammu!;)