Summer Holidays

Bro: “Akka, Let’s play some video game.”

Me: (Without taking eyes off the tinkle book ) “Okay. Which one?”


Me:“No, lets play super Mario.”

Bro:“’s play contra.”


Me:“Why not Mario?”

Bro:“Is that even a game?  And you are so obsessed with the coins that you don’t move to the next level until you collect all of them. To top all this, you can’t fight the dragon and I will have to do it for you every time. I’d better play it alone than play it with you.”

Super Mario

(Hurt enough. So drops the book to ground and looks straight into his eyes.)

Me:“Circus Charlie?”

Bro:“Thu. As if it is a super game. I hate it.”

circus charlie


Bro:“Do you remember last time  you weren’t able to make your monkey jump to the top of the tree?”

Me:“Sumo fighting?”

Bro:“We can do it live if you want.”

Me:“Ice man?Dave? Bomber man?” (Trying to recollect the names of all games in the ‘999999 in one’ cassette.)

Bomber man

Royal cheating

Bro:“Akka . Lets play Contra. Just one game. Later we can play your favorite game. Deal?”

Me:“Say please.”

Bro:“Huh? Okay, please.”



Me:“Okay. You will arrange the setup now because you had asked for it.”

(Bro gives an expression which can spot-kill any person with self-respect. But I am shameless. So…)

Bro:“Hey.. That is mine. This is your joystick. Remember your A-button is loose and is ready to break?”

Me:“Can’t I use yours for once?”

Rage face.

(Exchange of joysticks)

Me:“I want to be the red player.”

Rage face

Me: “huh. okay”

Bro:”Shoot him. Don’t miss him. Unless you shoot him, we can’t move to next screen. I told you to press A and B together akkaa..”

(GAME OVER. Bro has a proper reason to vent his frustration now.)

Bro:“We lost it so early. What are YOU!!!”

Me:“You were not able to swim across. So we lost it.”

Bro:“Not me.You. You are the one in blue.”

(The dialogue war will soon develop to a mortal combat. Live Sumo fight begins and Mom comes running from the bed room)

Mom: ( Whining to herself- I get just one day off and these kids won’t let me sleep peacefully on that one day) ” Why don’t you two go out and play? Too much of TV will damage your eyes.”

Bro is a shy baby so sis has to go to each house and call other kids. They are also waiting for such invitations because they have also been asked to get out of the house in the same subtle way.

Me:“Rey, Lets play Hide and Seek.”

Bro:“No, lets play Tomato.”

(The story continues..)

These days I just want to do one thing. Stand up on my chair and scream at the top of my voice- “I want my summer holidays”.


3 thoughts on “Summer Holidays

  1. Even I want summer holidays. Pradyumna already got them and I want to play with him!!!!!! Buaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

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