Top song on my ipod: Gunjukunna from Kadali right now. What amazing voice Shakti Sri has!

Scariest experience: was lost once in foreign land. How I survived that night is a tale to tell.

Number of siblings: One. Who equals none 🙂

What I’m good at: Relishing food. I RESPECT food, not just eat it.

Where I’d like to live: A hill station any day. Munnar and Darjeeling have fascinated me beyond words. Imagine walking on the curved roads down hill in a leather jacket and long boots. One hand inside the jacket and the other holding hot coffee. No dogs in sight, so no tension. Green coffee plantations everywhere. Occasional visits from near and dear because it is a tourist destination. Uff, too much only. Who said Heaven is above the clouds?

Favorite sport team(s): BarcaFC. Not because I know football, just because it has David Villa.

What I’m bad at: Giving compliments. I wish I understand the difference between flattering and complimenting someday. I also think I cannot make a striking conversation in any first meet.

source: imgboat.com

Favorite singer(s): Karthik, Hema and HariCharan. In that order.

Favorite band(s): Maroon5. Probably because I fell in love with their song the first time I heard it.

Coke or Pepsi: No to all.

Concerts I’ve been to: Karthik perform live! was like a dream come true 🙂

Celebrity crush: Was madhavan sometime ago. None right now.

Cats or Dogs: Any of the two. Baby cats are sweet and cute and so are dogs when they’re mute. But from a distance please.

Month I was born in: November!

Favorite fruit(s): Grapes and Mangoes. Yes to fruits any day. But no to uncooked green grass. Strict NO.

Middle name: I don’t have one and I don’t wish to have one.

My biggest worry currently: my hair 😦 I wish I had long tresses. 

Favorite color(s): Green to look at. And pink on me.

A country I want to visit: Switzerland.

The college I want to attend: Not college but high school. Something like the one in Rockford movie.

A pet peeve of mine: I really hate it when people break your trust when you confide in them.

Favorite IG account: What is IG?

Favorite Ice cream flavour(s): My favorite question. Coffee with lot of nuts from Cream-stone/BR. Big NO to strawberry ice-cream. How does it even count as an ice-cream yaar seriously? I think it is Benedryl cough syrup made to look like ice-cream. All ice-cream lovers should try coconut/guava from Naturals.

Miss Raman: Please do the honors of continuing this tag. I am promoting your blog as I promised you one day.


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