Understanding Jessie

ye maya chesave

“Girls aren’t that stupid.”
“Not stupid enough to admit that you’re actually stupid”
“Your statement is actually stupid.”
“This is how I talk to a stupid.”
The fight continued between me and my friend after we walked out of PVR just like Karthik and Jessie after watching YMC. I must honestly admit the cinema maniac inside me quickly turned into a nature lover when I watched this flick for the first time. Right from the frame in which titles started rolling on rustling waters. Amazing camera work and I hail Manoj Paramahamsa for YMC. In fact I loved him more when I saw Vaishali (Eeram). More on it later.

When I watched it for the second time, Rahman’s music blew me off. I would revere this album as the “musical Bible” for love. I followed every public update on YMC/VTV devotedly from the day I saw the teaser of “Hosanna”. In fact I was not in Hyderabad when YMC was released in AP and I longed to come back to Hyderabad to watch it with friends. Frankly, the movie did not match my expectations and I felt it was boring and dragged . In a sentence, I dint quite like it barring the music and cinematography.

I watched it again when 720p version was available for download in our local network to enjoy the visuals and mock at its negatives. And again when Zee Telugu telecast it to enjoy the music and annoy my cousin who is Samantha-smitten. Every time I saw it, Jessie grew on me. I realize it is not Jessie but how Gautam had modeled a woman’s character which is very similar to one in two girls whom you meet daily. No mention to the adjectives Karthik uses to describe her.

Jessie falls for Karthik very early but is hesitant to admit that she fell for him. She is angry when Karthik proposes to her because she doesn’t want him to know that she is in love with him already. She is relieved when he proposes again and enjoys his attention and special interest in her. She is sandwiched in between her family and Karthik and is helpless because she cannot take either side. When you almost decide that Jessie is weak-hearted and cannot take a bold step, she has all the guts to reject Thomas on the day of her wedding! She continues her courtship with Karthik as her belief in their relationship strengthens until one day when she is forced to submit. She is heart-broken when her father says “Karthik is over his dead body” and decides to let go of their relationship for their happiness. I must mention I respect Jessie in YMC because she dint marry Thomas (unlike VTV).

The iconic central park scene sums up the total movie if you haven’t watched it . Regret in Jessie’s face for severing Karthik, anxiety to know if he had moved on/not, curiosity to know about his new girl friend and then the astonishment to know that he still loves her – each of them is very well complemented with Rahman’s music and Samantha(Trisha)’s acting skills. I couldn’t help appreciate Gautam Menon for making a Jessie and took back my words of her being stupid. After all Maya from Gharshana(Kaaka Kaaka), Reena from Minnale and Meghana/Priya from SSOK- each of these characters is distinctly respectable and they do not come from blue and dance with heroes as soon as a song starts playing.

[EDITED] And yeah one of the scenes which brings a smile to my face every time I watch “Manasa (Anbil avan)” is the one in front of Pittsburgh temple after their wedding in the church. Karthik adorns Jessie’s neck with the sacred thread as she stares at him with love. Looks so divine and so perfect!

How Karthik woos Jessie is fun too especially when he acts disinterested when his mother says Jessie has come down to their house. Seemed so genuine!

Having said all this, I wouldn’t be interested to watch YMC again if not for its music and BGM which breathed life into it. I cannot ever comprehend what X-factor it lacks. May be I have to watch it again to decide.

PS: I am just waiting to see what magic Eto Vellipoyindi Manasu(NEP) has in store. The subtitle itself speaks for the movie- “this could be your love story!” Gautam Menon definitely knows all good crowd-pulling tactics!!


8 thoughts on “Understanding Jessie

  1. maybe that is so for the Telugu version’s Jessie. From what I heard, she goes along with Karthik in the end, so that justifies her development as a character. However, that is all undone in the Tamil version’s ending, when she admits that she is married and tells Karthik that she knew from the start that this would never work and that he should move on. That ending in the Tamil version is why I consider Jessie a weak character.

  2. Very true about the music and BGM… vintunna koddi vinalanipistundi. Truly quoted as the “bible of love” 🙂
    Kani nuvvu rasina order ki quite opposite anipinchindi naku. I fell in love with the movie the first time i watched it but chustunna koddi jessie character ante koncham visugocchindi… the way she pulls karthik in and pushes him off the very next second. Papam anipinchindi vadini chuste 🙂

    • @Asdf:
      Naku firstlo choosinappudu antha paapam anipinchedi. Ippudemo tana limitationski aa situations ki bane pull off chesindi anipistondi. But I wouldn’t have accepted it had she not married Karthik 🙂

      Thanks alekhya 🙂

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