Where it started?

   I think it is human tendency to always trace back to the first one when we count our treasures. And the first one is obviously special because it marks the beginning of the journey. Moreover, what are we if we don’t remember our roots? This is the first one I wrote in 2006 and never stopped ever since. Here’s a thank-you post for keeping this blog alive. A sign of gratitude for the personal mails and “nice post!” pings.
A warm hug to all the new friends and foes I made 🙂 A heart-felt appreciation for sharing the blog with friends and kin. A big sorry as an answer to the “6 years industry but so less posts?” question.Thanks

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This isnt the first time I have been to Tirupati.But this is the first time I have started blogging.So I have chosen this topic to have a good start.As planned before,We reached Tirupati by train and decided to reach uphill by foot.Now that was a real problem for me because me like people are categorised as lazy blokes.However snacks and drinks that would be available throughout the way have lured me to start.The luggage of all the pilgrims travelling on foot to Tirumala would be transported uphill free of cost.We started our “Marathon” after visiting the temple at Alipiri.the place from where the footjourney starts.Thanks to TTD,this route is absolutely safe inspite of being in a dense forest.This route covers all the seven hills whose atop resides Lord Venkateshwara.The seven hills are-Anjanadri,Vrishabadri,Seshadri,Niladri,Garudadri,Venkatadri,Narayanadri[I am afraid I havent listed them out in order!!!!] The pleasant mountain breeze keeps our spririts high throughout…

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