The banana leaf

Never did I think that there would be a day in my life when I’ll assess what I generally like and don’t like to eat. Why because I am not really choosy about food. Give me anything vegetarian, I will devour it without saying NO and you will repent for asking. Only after the US episode has begun, I learnt how to appreciate food and love it. One day, I stir-fried some tomatoes with onions and it tasted so well that I was tempted to put it up on Facebook to show my excitement. But I was scared of the thoos in the background because that is what I do when I see someone upload such pics on Facebook. Pictures of self-made cakes, biryanis and tandooris are okay but white rice, yellow dal, black lentils and red chilli powder will only call for such expressions from the viewer.
When my friend Su suggested that we should check out this restaurant called “Banana leaf” , I had no complaints.

Hunt for the “Banana leaf” in SDG is probably the best test for patience if you really want to try. All you need is Garmin GPS and a friend like Su with Samsung S2 mobile so that you can use it for directions (Don’t ask me what GPS is for. I shall come to that shortly). Both of us arrived in the downtown hoping to eat something tasty in the Banana leaf restaurant because we were starving from that morning. We were very relieved to hear GPS shout “arriving at the destination on your right” and immediately looked around for parking. We continued searching for some parking space in that location until we realized we were actually making rounds of the mall. We parked our car at a distance and walked back to the mall following Su’s GPS in her S2 (see, this is where it comes in handy). To our shock, the mall had no restaurants/shops except a slimming center seeing which made us even more hungry.
The other eateries were just coffee shops.

S2 consistently showed that our destination was inside the same mall but the restaurant was nowhere in sight. We asked an Asian lady to guide us to the restaurant and she enlightened us with one single statement – “If GPS is showing this location, it must be somewhere here. Please look around”.

Each of us was too tired to talk or drive. One Indian restaurant in the opposite lane caught our attention and we ran to the opposite street like kids. We wanted to break the glass when we saw that it was closed until 5pm that day.

After deciding to prepare our own food in the hotel, we started walking back to our car and saw another Thai restaurant on the way. We took a chance but it was also closed until 5pm.

We reached our car and found another Indian restaurant right on our right. The optimists in us knocked the door and a Sardar inside welcomed us with a big grin. “Kitchen is open all day long” is probably the best phrase to win hearts. If someone told you it is “I love you” or “I miss you”, Don’t believe them.

That day we ordered our finest lunch ever- kashmiri paranthas with paneer . After the sumptuous meal with our faces as delighted as our tummies, Sardarji must have easily mistook us for people who had escaped life imprisonment in a third world country. We walked back to our car for the third time and laughed about our plight for sometime.

I then turned on our GPS to set the address to home. It showed us that message for which we wanted to ground it into pieces.
“Rate the banana leaf on a scale of 5”.


14 thoughts on “The banana leaf

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  2. excellent post… very hilarious. Ayina mee iddariki avvale ilage X(
    Btw.. aa brahmi expressions ekkada ninchi pattaave?? Very cute and very apt too 🙂

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