So when do you know its love?

“It’s a girl Mr. Karthik. Both mom and baby are doing better now. Congratulations!” I literally sprang to my feet when I heard my doctor say that. There are some words which have the power of healing the world’s most fatal heart diseases. Those diseases which no Angiogram can detect. Those diseases whose only cure seems to be the Ctr-Z in God’s program. I wanted to say thanks but some ecstasy dint let me speak. I looked away from her to hide my tears and let out my emotions in a deep breath. I then looked at her and thanked her profusely . She was all smiles to see me smile for the first time in last 3 months.

“Can I go and see her now?”

“Who? the baby or your wife?”

What a question, I thought to myself. I wish I could answer that in a flash. Who do I want to see first? My first progeny who had just opened her eyes to this world? She was the only person who was in our prayers all these days. Or the person who brought her to this earth? Without my wife the baby is nothing absolutely.

“My wife” I said with a smile.

“Sure. Please take care of her. She is very weak.”

“I shall.”

I entered into the delivery room which seemed nothing less than a war field to me. My baby has fought here for the last 8 hours to come out alive and my wife had survived the scariest test of her life. I saw her lying on the bed with her eyes half-open. She dint speak but I could hear her. We congratulated ourselves with smiles.

“How are you feeling now?” I asked her in a low tone as I drew my chair near to her bed. What a stupid question it was! As if I didn’t know.
She smiled again and when she closed her eyes, a tear rolled down her cheek. I absolutely had nothing to talk and nothing to ask.

“I called up your parents. They are flying this afternoon.” She acknowledged and asked me something with her eyes. Probably if I saw the baby.

“I dint see her yet. Did you?”
She shook her head with difficulty.

“I don’t think we can even touch her till she is safe to be put out of her incubator.” She blinked her eyes.

“You want to see her ..don’t you? ” She blinked her eyes again.

“I’ll try to get her photo for you. Give me some time.” I stormed out of the room as I saw her not taking her eyes off me.

“Can I see the baby now?” I asked our assistant and she took me to the incubator room. All I could get from the small peep-hole was the glimpse of a tiny baby covered with tubes. She had pink cheeks and her fists were loosely closed. My wife’s tresses were envy of her friends but the little one barely had any hair on her head. Like every Indian parent, I tried a lot to figure out who she looked like. I smiled at myself for the early analysis but some insight told me that she will grow into a beautiful woman like her mother. How badly I wished I could hold her once! I managed to click a photo with my phone and the nurse smiled warmly.

“Cute baby sir.” It was certainly a courtly compliment because the baby’s features were not evident at all. I smiled at her and walked into my doctor’s room.

“Karthik, I hope you are very much aware of what was happening in your lives for the past three months.” Our doctor tried to make a conversation as I was signing some papers.

“Of course I am.”

“Your baby is literally your gift from God. We had no hopes to see her alive until last week. I was therefore being very cautious in our meetings and was trying to prepare you for the unexpected. By God’s grace, all is well now.”

“Thanks so much doctor. Thanks for everything.” I stopped my work for a second and recalled the hell we’d been through for the last 3 months.

“I know you are a gentleman but its my duty to remind you of female infanticide and the associated laws.”

“Like you said, she is a gift doctor. I’d treasure her for life time.” I knew I made a filmy statement but I meant all that I said.
She smiled and continued.”So how long have you been married for?”

“3 years.”

“Is yours a love marriage?”



“I wooed her a lot before our wedding. She always refused until that day when she asked me to talk to her parents. I did. And they agreed.” I bet I couldn’t have made it more uninteresting. But seriously, my love story was that plain and straight.

“Wow. You wooed her despite her not liking you?”

“Yes.” I looked at her and said that confidently.

“But what kept you going?”

“I was sure she is the one for me.”

“And how did you know that?”

“I love her doctor. Ever since I realized that I am in love with her, I was sure she is the right one.” I told her and looked into the papers again.

“So when did you know its love?”

I put my pen down and reminisced when it all started.


8 thoughts on “Prologue

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  2. As usual touch chesavu….i cant resist to compliment you on your writing skills. very balanced and well covered emotions ….i was not reading , i was just watching Karthik and his wife with little one…Awesome 🙂

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