Now watching- Anjali


Did you ever feel you’ve just lived your childhood again? I did. In fact I always do whenever I watch this film. Anjali stands out in the best-dubbed movies from Tamil for these scenes:
1. That beginning when Arjun and Anu are excited about the new arrival. I am a first kid and I can recall how excited I was to see my brother for the first time in the hospital.
2. That dining table scene where Sekhar and the kids make faces while eating Chitra’s food. I bet all of us must have teased our mother for the food she makes though we know that what she makes is unbeatable.
3. Scene where Anu and Arjun are introduced to other kids in the society. We also had(in fact followed) the same way of greeting each other in our apartments back then.
4. Sekhar slaps Anu for calling a lunatic a lunatic. When he takes her in his hands, she has that one expression which can be patented for such scenes in everyone’s house. You’re hurt because of your dad, it is his duty to pacify you whatever be his means. Sekhar relates a sci-fi story to them. I don’t belong to such geeky kids group. I’d have preferred some ice cream the next day.
5. That immense interest in love stories and things which you’re warned not to do. Arjun and gang sneak into Prabhu’s house though they know he had been to jail earlier. I always had an ear for gossips at school and I used to take huge pleasure in reading personal letters though I was warned not to.
6. Arjun and Anu hate Anjali for she is not normal like every other kid. But they fight back when the other kids make fun of her. Remember all of us fought(fight) with our siblings. But we never let any body else lay his/her finger on them.
7. Other kids’ mothers come and complain to Arjun’s mom. I wish not to talk about what happened in my life lest this post embarrasses me.
8. Anjali weeps on seeing Arjun’s wounds. This is one of my favorite scenes and I have lost count of how many such scenes I have experienced/heard of in my life.
9. Arjun takes Anjali to the other kids and confronts them. What on earth can be cuter than this?
10. Anu asks Sekhar why Anjali had to be “their” sister and why not someone else’s. Sekhar has an explanation which Anu agrees to and she accepts Anjali as her sister.
11. The iconic scene in which Anjali calls Chitra her mother is probably worth millions. From that one scene, I understood why Mani chose Revathi as Sekhar’s wife despite of the evident height difference.

Anjali may not be an entertainer from its first to last reels. It certainly is a bundle of emotions, amazing performances, faultless BGM and looot of memories. Thank you Mani Ratnam and Ilayaraja for such a classic.


4 thoughts on “Now watching- Anjali

  1. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉

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