The software plight

I joined Tea party. On this occasion, this post.


I always think I would rather own an auto than rent this office laptop. I know you also want to do the same.

Then what man? Life of a software engineer is pathetic only these days. People are cracking lot of jokes and  making him feel depressed. Software engineer means person who repairs computers or what?  For example, If lot of pop-ups are coming in the home computer, people are coming running to the software engineer and asking him to repair that. If he enables pop-up blocker, they are feeling he is one genius.  God only knows how to save those poor souls.

Whenever people know you’re a software engineer,  they are first asking  one thing. Did you go to America? Arey, if one person works in a SW company means he should definitely go there or what? If you tell them no means, they are putting one face and thinking “this fellow is waste. That is why his company dint send him to America.” One fellow goes to America on project work means he should work there till late night to finish the project in time. In one month of stay there, he gets two days to roam around and he puts 800pics in Facebook. You hit a like for that album and conclude that poor fellow is enjoying without thinking how much he has to work.  Fellow who is in India is happily coming home on time and having fun here. Any problem YOU have? I want to ask.

If a software engineer is fat means, people are saying  “Software  engineers are fat because you sit in a place for long time and also eat lot of pizzas and burgers.” I only want to ask – are people working in government offices getting paid for jogging and working out? They’re also sitting in front of files/computers no? And they can also eat pizzas and burgers no?  Boss, Dominoes/Pizza hut do not have the words “only for software engineers” in their menu card. All that they are having is words like “Garden fresh” and “Farmer’s choice”. Ultimately whatever your order, you get the same pizza with colorful toppings in different designs.

To top this, you’ll say software engineer doesn’t know the value of money because he is paid in loads. Boss, probably the only person who knows value of time and money is a software engineer. One reason why he waits for the month’s last working day counting days and fondly calls it salary day. Go ask him to treat you on that day, he will look for the best restaurant in town in Cluburb/Zomato. Other days, you will see that he is very penny-pinching, that is one separate matter. Arey what will he have after Bookmyshow, CCD and friends like you loot him, you only tell?

All in all, please don’t downplay any SE boss. Especially in your blogs and Facebook wall posts. The news will spread faster than a worm in software. If your fellow SE is hurt, it might even show in your reviews. Don’t blame me afterwards.


7 thoughts on “The software plight

  1. @asdf: idi nee laga job vachchina treat ivvakunda dabbulu dacheskune valla gurchi kadule 😛
    @Siva: Thanks! this post is the end product of sheer work fatigue.
    @Pranav: Thanks for the comment!

  2. So true..! Another loot is – when you are looking for a rent house and the moment you say that you are an SE, the rent automatically goes up by 1K or 2K. Auto-walas’, real-estate and what not. An SE looks like a moving money bank. Everyone will try to grab as much as possible from him.

  3. good one. మరి జనాలకి SEs అంటే లోకువ అయిపోతుంది. Of course, there are other views on software Industry.

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