That One Guy!

“Your latest crush” was one of the columns I used to deliberately avoid in slam books. Why because back then I dint know what “crush” meant. When I used to turn pages to see what others wrote (which I was warned not to), I could see variety of names. Tom Cruise was the most common name. Again, I had no idea who he was(no thoos please). I always thought Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are same until I saw Fight Club (ducks to avoid sandals).  Another common name I used to see was Shahrukh khan. If I see any one write that name now, I would probably make them watch Ra-one again and again. If they don’t change the name even after that, murder only.

By the time I was of “not-having-any-crush? You’re that type or what?” age,  Alaipayuthey/Sakhi got released. I easily fell for Madhavan in that movie because

  1. His name was Karthik.
  2. He was bold, responsible and also fun.
  3. His name was Karthik.

  4. He had dreamy hair and he looked superb.

I realized it is not just infatuation when “Run” got released. Tagged by one close friend to write about “that one guy”. So, this post!


7 thoughts on “That One Guy!

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  2. yeah, even I have to do a google search, if you ask me to list some bradpitt movies. Of course I can tell at least 4 movies Tom cruise: IM-1, IM-2, IM-3, IM-4 🙂

  3. “aa Karthik elagu dakkaledu.. kaneesam nenu pelli cheskoboyevadi peru Karthik kavali” Ashta chemma lo swathi laga ilanti conditions emaina pettava intlo? 😉

  4. looolll… tom cruise and brad pitt okalle anukunnava =)) Nuvvu nakante genious laga unnavu kade!!
    Naku kuda appatlo aa cinema lu chusinappudu madhavan baaaga gucchukunnadu kani one very unfortunate day teja tv lo “priyasakhi” ane kalakhandam chusa… inka anthe… i got over him once and for all!!
    Aa tarvata malli ala gucchukunnadi Nani ane analamma 😀

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