At the bus-stop!

I dint say that!
I  heard a male voice say that.
I am sure I dint say that!
I did,I did hear a male voice say that.
For the past 15 years, there are just 2-3 voices for which I instantly fell. I like the diction generally but sometimes it is just the sound. Deep and perfectly masculine. This voice was
actually both. So count++.
I was looking away from that male to look disinterested but I could hear all that he spoke.
Did I ask you?
Then do not tell me all this
I knew I was eavesdropping but couldn’t stop myself.
Should be his girlfriend/ wife.
Ok..if you want to..
Certainly it must be his girlfriend. If it was his wife, he would have just asked her to chuck it. Men (married/engaged to someone), in general, are mean to girls who talk a lot. Guys aren’t. Why because it is hard to get  to a girl. Specially with today’s male-female ratio, it is equivalent to securing a seat in top B-schools. Cut-throat competition, aftermath of securing one is costly, living with one is again a struggle but in the end, his life is settled.  Having known all this, who would risk to let his girl go just for his ego?
Tell me in detail then.
This is how a perfect guy should be. If his girl wants to speak, he should let her speak till her mouth hurts. Not being interested in random talks or cutting her short saying he has work or faking another call- all this is not good.
He was also acknowledging each sentence of hers.
That’s nice
Relax. Keep your cool when such things happen.”
Cool. Right thing!”
He was showering all good words when she was complaining about something. What a gentleman! I was incidentally looking at MB’s Businessman poster then. Suddenly, I felt may be he too looked as awesome as MB. I casually turned to look at his face, unfortunately he turned away from me right at that moment. I dint care and started looking at the old hoarding again.
Did they really mean it?
What shall we do then?
May be the girl told her parents about their relationship and they were not happy about it.
I know but what shall we do?
Ok fine. Let us meet and talk. You’re anyways coming to the bus-stop, right?
Yeah..bye he cut the call.
It is unethical to listen to others’ phone conservations without their notice, I know that. But I was not bothered at all. If the irresistible voice was one reason, the topic of the talk was the main one. The anxiety in me started slowly rising till that one moment he asked her to come and meet him.After that, it instantly shot up. Mr.Super-voice was silent. May be he was thinking about how to convince her parents. Or may be he wants to cool her down first by treating her or buying her a chocolate.

I suddenly felt the place was as silent as a grave. Not because there were no vehicles around and not because they weren’t honking (which is impossible to happen in Hyderabad). If Sudha’s parents agree, she can spend rest of her life just listening to him, I thought to myself. Again, merely listening to all that men say isn’t a trait of today’s women. May be she can have him read newspaper or novels for her.
Suddenly I heard his phone ring.
Hello Sudha
Yeah at the bus-stop.
She must have come. I dint want to see how they both look together because I was happy with just the audio.
Where are you?
Ok, I see you.”
I heard his voice fade away and turned back to see Sudha come. Sudha or sudhakar came to meet him. Both of them talked for sometime and happily boarded Gitam’s engineering college bus. The bus sped away from the place leaving me behind with a wide smile and a tale to tell!


6 thoughts on “At the bus-stop!

  1. sudhakar…!
    some times what we hear or what we see is not the truth. the truth is beyond that what we imagine. thats y truth is stranger than fiction.
    – hai anupama “kodthe dimma thirigipovali” keep it up.
    – a MB fan

  2. very interesting way of turning the awful conversations overheard during our journey into a gripping tale. hope it sends a signal to all mobile users to keep their conversations in public short and feeble to the public around.

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