My school

I never wrote any essay titled “My-School” in my school days. Even if I had to, I used to leave it in the ‘choice’ section which is a savior to every student. The reason why I never attempted to write about my school was I was never so passionate about it. S.F.S was just another school which I joined soon after we moved to Visakhapatnam.

First thing I dint like about S.F.S was that there were only 2-3 girls shorter than me in our class. I was(am) terribly short and hence, I always stood first when our class lined up for assembly sessions. In our section, there was only one girl shorter than me and to my luck, she always used to come late or fall ill. I just hated to stand first during those sessions. It is a terrible job because you cannot fake singing the school song or you cannot put your hand down while taking pledge. The biggest dearth is that there is no one standing in front for you to hit while taking the one-arm distance.

Secondly, I completely feared the physical training and drill sessions. We had this class on every Friday and believe it or not, almost every Friday that year either was a public holiday or it rained so heavily that the ground was all damp. If at all we could step out of our classrooms, we used to have a warmup session which was compulsory to play sports. By the time we could lay our hands on a ball after that tiring activity, the bell used to ring. Running thrice around the big football ground was called as warm-up. How mean, no? In my opinion, It is enough to burn all the calories we had taken in right from our first meal in life. While our class boys finished three rounds sincerely, I used to drag myself to complete one and calmly join them as if I had run three times. All my pranks were generally unnoticed. In one funny incident, I lied to my instructor that I had undergone appendicitis operation and hence cannot perform the drill. He asked me which side of my stomach was paining and I was caught!

Third reason- I never enjoyed the attention I got at school. Not the teachers’ but attention from the peers. Teasing and bugging someone is so much fun! I cannot do it now even if I want to. At school, I never enjoyed it. My class boys always used to tease me for being short. I used to retort many times and sometimes I used to keep cool. On the whole, I was never a good sport. I often complained to my mother and friends about that. At that time, I was really choosy about best friends and just friends. And it used to show in my attitude that I was being choosy. One day I terribly made fun of a good friend just to save my skin from others. She was shocked at my odd behavior and was close to tears. Of course I later apologized to her. I feel so guilty whenever I am reminded of the shameful thing I did to her.

What I genuinely like about my school are the teachers. One teacher whom I love the most was Mrs. Preethi Thomas who looked as beautiful as Trisha in Saamy, NMNT and Junior horlicks ad film. She taught Biology and English for about 2 years and her way of teaching was also very good. She was also impartial in giving points to the houses though she headed a house-We girls used to consider this as her virtue. Mrs. Mahalakshmi was my another favorite who taught us English. I simply loved the way she used to speak- very composed speech. She asked us never to disrespect people elder to us whoever they might be. I still heed her words. I also loved Mrs.Jacintha‘s classes. She taught us Physics and her classes were full of life. Some pupils not so attentive in class used to ask her what is Newton’s second law soon after she finished explaining “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. She used to give a priceless expression and say:

“Did you just ask a ‘what’ question?”
Pupil: Yes
J: O piggidy lot, put your head in a dirty pot.
Pupil (Smiling): Miss, why?
J: Because you are so low and sky is so high.
Pupil: No miss, but how is action equal to reaction?
J: Did you just ask a ‘how’ question?
Pupil (expecting a rhyme already, smiling): Yes
J: By the kick of the cow!
In another exam, we were asked to list the differences between strong and weak acids. One Aamir Khan in our class wrote it in simple words: A strong acid is strong and a weak acid is weak. Funniest part is that he asked her to consider giving atleast 0.5 mark for that so that he can pass.

My school

The reason this post came now is that last week I was at school to just see how much it has changed over 8 years. Nothing changed except our school uniform and our Father (Principal-in-charge). The watchman Samuel welcomed me with a very big hi and gently let me in. Our Hindi teacher came out of her class and greeted me. She was happy that I am a software engineer. I was tempted to tell her every three out of five engineering graduates are SEs now and there is nothing great about it. As if she doesn’t know it! As I walked towards the staff room, Our maths teacher called me by my name and enquired about me. She even recollected that I gave her my mother’s text book for her PG examinations. I was moved. As I walked past the corridors where we used to do water-fights and library where we used to pose with big English novels, I met Mrs. Jacintha. She also did not change. She was sitting in the same old physics laboratory correcting physics records. After a nostalgic chat with her, I met some other teachers who instantly recognized me. I was very happy! I took some pictures in the main quadrangle where we used to ballot for school captain and vice-captain. I looked around and saw Mrs.Jacintha’s old 2828 Ambassador car in which she used to come. Then place where my school auto used to wait for me. Then place where we used to eat lunch. Then Samuel walked us till the main gate and wished me the best. I walked out of the school with a heavy heart and misty eyes. I miss my school now. If I ever get a chance to live those days again, I promise I will be a good Anupama who is confident, brave and true to friends at heart.


12 thoughts on “My school

  1. hey anu….this post was really awesum n u made me remember al those incidents nw…loved it da…..:) 🙂 whom al did u meet at school…tht was a great feelin gettin to know tht u ve been to school……

  2. Nice Ya :), U used to tell so many incidents of your school most of which were funny :), I always used to njoy ur narration of incidents and memories :), Good blog Anu…

  3. @Ambati: Nuvvu mee TALENT school ki “evari gurinchooo” enquiry cheyyadaniki velluntavu le 😛

    @Anu: Nice post anu… reminded me of the time when I, along with a couple of my friends, visited my school about an year back. Anni years tarvata kuda teachers, non-teaching staff ala peru peru na gurtu pettukunnarante entha proud ga, happy ga untundi kada 🙂

  4. gurthukosthunnayi…. guthukosthunnayi…..
    btw, intha varaku okka sari kooda vella leda schoolki. mari pedda goppaga cheppukuntav…
    nenu choodu maa TALENT schoolke oka 10 times anna velli vunta…

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