Indian Film Song Lyrics (via Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa)

I have never liked any blog post so much that I have opted to shamelessly re blog it without any change. Cheers to the writer.
Following are my favorites:
a) Superstar’s formula for white.
b) Amitabh’s ‘mere anganey’
c) Rajesh Khanna’s life algorithm.
d) Who all Govinda cares about.

Indian Film Song Lyrics I cannot resist Graphjam so here we are. Indian Film song lyrics explained with simple graphs. I promise, this will be the second last time I will be “inspired” (like Anu Malik) to remix a popular Internet meme for desi purposes. First we explore the Hindi Film Industry, or as Cineblitz chooses to acronymize, HiFI UPDATE: My 90 minute drive back home from office resulted in these Priyank gives us a lesson in the geographic origins of day to day i … Read More

via Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa


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