Soak your favorite rawa in water,
and make it into paste.
Put this batter on a heated tawa,
Awesome it will taste.

Dosa, as they call it,
my all-time favorite snack.
Some magic it has,
which all other eatables lack.

Add fine chopped onions,
and any masala powder a pinch,
Some divine flavor will add up,
and you’ll devour its every inch.

Dosa can be of many shapes,
distorted India being common.
It can also be oval
like the face of someone.

Only few can make it round,
and get it off the tawa very safe.
Many a times it gets torn,
Uncooked and bad it will chafe.

Do not forget the chutney,
that of coconut is yummy.
Enjoy your dosa like a Royal,
till it fully fills your tummy.


9 thoughts on “Dosa!

  1. కవి హ్రుదయం ఎలా ఉంటుందో చిన్నగా పరిచయం చేస్తున్నావుగా!!!

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