Do you know me?

While more than half of the readers would say “yes” to that, the remaining half can merely look at the column “Who’s Anu?” to know about me. But this post is about those little things which make me. This list is not complete but has some fun points to read and wonder “Really??”

I request my friends and acquaintances to leave a score (For every point, +1 if you think it is true and 0 if you think it is false). It is sure fun for me to know!!

1. I prefer comfort to fashion.Question
2. Though I always look and act confused, I am pretty stubborn and adamant in making some decisions.
3. I often lie to please/console someone.
4. I dream big! Very very big. In one such haunting dream, I drove a space shuttle which was designed, built and tested by me. And in another one, I was honoured by some senior government officials in front of a large crowd.
5. I want to be a film-maker. This is not a vague thought which everyone who has a camera would have. I really want to be a film-maker. I have a story, I can pen lyrics for the songs and also tune them. All I need is just someone to finance and an audience.
6. I like footwear and watches.
7. I hesitate complimenting someone though I have tons of such good words in my mouth.
8. I act stupid sometimes to know more about something.
9. I get ecstatic when I hear to the sounds of Shehnai (Sannayi) and heavy percussion instruments (in order).
10. I never explicitly state my love/hatred for a person but I like it when others are being expressive. (Mean, no?)

More later!

PS: Gopal, Bharat, Harshita, Divya, Sushma and Rohit: Your comment is a must!


19 thoughts on “Do you know me?

  1. @bharat ram….memu busy valla kaadandi ala raasindhi :P..”clarity” kosam NA category introduce chesa.job chese valla kanna busy aa memu…mareenu 😛 😛 😛

  2. I am so psyched to read that you want to make a movie. It is such a cool thing to do. I would love to be part of the movie business. I keep thinking of so many stories and am sure given the sort of fare that is doled out by our movie makers, we could actually do well if we had a shot!

    • Haha, true. Specially recent movies. Every time I watch a movie, I think of my own ways to make them better instead of enjoying them. Nice to know that you’re interested too!

      Having known your story writing and narrating skills, I’m sure we can make wonders Nammu 🙂 I think we should make a start with short movies..Today’s trend to show our talentB-)

  3. 1:+1
    5:-1 I always thought there is a writer in you but didnt know that you want to be a film maker
    6 +1
    7 +1
    8 -1
    9 -1 I never knew this
    10 +100 😛 wat say kd ??

  4. I thought I knew you well, let’s see how much I score 😀

    1. +1
    2. +1
    3. +1
    4. +1
    5. +1
    6. -1
    7. -1
    8. +1
    9. No idea
    10. No idea (please don;t say Get idea :P)

  5. Hehe I guess am the last one..saw your post just now anu 🙂
    2. +1
    3. -1
    4. +1
    5. NA
    6. +1
    7. -1
    8. +++
    9. NA
    10. +++++

    Perosonally as far as i know, u do compliment someone if they deserve it just dat u dont make it sound as flattery :)And secondly 8th is sth , I have witnessed many a time :P, And of course the 10th question i agree totally 😛 😛 🙂

    • Haha, neekala anipinchinda Sussu..neeku icchhe untanu compliments ❤ Nee deggara naakem mohamatam undadu kada 🙂
      Andaru 10th daniki yes annare..Very funny!

  6. Couldn’t agree more with points 2 (special focus on the second part) and 10 😛
    I would think you go nuts for many more things than just watches and footwear… say handbags, dresses from the top of my head 😉
    I have heard about your very crazy dreams but haven’t known about such “big” dreams 🙂
    And yes +1 for all the points 😀

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