M for Mahesh babu!

Tall, dark and handsome – the mostly used phrase to describe some one attractive! Thanks to provogue, univercell and Khaleja, Mahesh babu is the cliché for looks now. All it takes for someone to be that handsome is to be 6-feet tall, be snowy white in complexion and of course loads of attitude.

A short review of Mahesh’s Filmography:

I consider him to be a hero/a good protagonist only in the movies released after ‘Murari’. It was already a hit by then and it was just G.O.O.D according to me. More points to the director and Sonali(Yeah, I like her).

As per me, I’ve always had Mahesh fever though I never let anyone know this. Probably it dates back to ‘okkadu’. Fight with Prakash Raj at kondareddy buruju marks its beginning. This film is always special according to me though there have been bigger hits. okkaduIt has a neatly woven plot and superb performances and to top it all, it made Mahesh a heartthrob of many girls. Honestly, Ajay of Okkadu is a dream boy for me (okay, one of the dream boys).

‘Nijam’ was a delight to the critic inside me. Who would not like his action as a hapless boy seeking revenge for his father’s death? This movie is an excellent showcase for his talent. My feelings got stronger with ‘Arjun’ though it dint do well at box office. The twins seemed fresh and though the sentiment was old, it was not boring. Dream_boys+=Arjun.

When ‘Athadu’ was released, Cupid stroke again, this time very hard. Some votes for Trivikram too, he is the cook who has made the dish so well. I am still teased for the magic ‘athadu’ title song has done to me. I rate it 5/5. I somehow feel that no one else would have suited this role so well.Dream_boys+=Nandu. A Classy leather jacket was the vogue for some time after ‘Athadu’ became a blockbuster. ‘Pokiri’ set a new trend – both in clothing and tollywood. Krishna manohar IPS was the most talked of. A trough after the crest- ‘Sainikudu’ bombed at box office but it was acclaimed by Mahesh fans. He was (and obviously will continue to be) the right choice for the role.

Then came the period I wouldn’t like to even mention of. A caution for all Mahesh fans- do not ever watch Rajakumarudu, Vamsi, Yuvaraju and Athidhi.

‘Khaleja’ revised almost the entire chapter of my liking for him. Though a taxi driver clad in provogue tshirts and reebok shoes is too much to take, Seetharama Raju made them all dismiss ible. Again, Dream_boys+=Raju.

I may not be a Mahesh maniac like Swathi in Ashtachemma, but I seriously enjoy watching him on screen. With no second thoughts, I declare him to be the best looking actor of his era. I know gals would agree to this(!). And boys, Its not your mistake after all, Mahesh is that enviable!


9 thoughts on “M for Mahesh babu!

  1. Nobody – neither Hrithik nor Saif ever looked as handsome as Mahesh in the Provogue photo shoots ! 110 out of 10 for him 😉

  2. Good to see u blogging after a looooooong time. khaleja antha ledu kani. I totally agree with you on rest. okkadu and athadu are the best… “enviable” aa bongemi kadu 😀 🙂

  3. First of all..its niiiiiiiiiiice to see u blog after a really long time and the magic title song…lol anu 🙂 I remember it too 🙂 nice post 🙂 and yeah “athadu” just rocks :), He is damn classsssssssssssssy in dat movie, his matured looks, not much dialogues..:) totally rocking 🙂

  4. When I saw Athidhi, I thought that was it for his career. But when khaleja hit the screens, I couldn’t help but think, “MY-O-MY!!! What a comeback!”

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