The way I am!

Some say I am haughty,
Some say I am not,
Few feel that I am cute,
Many say I look short.
Sometimes I’m known to be shy,
Sometimes I talk a lot,
I behave like insane for once,
and talk things of that sort.
I get enough matured in a jiffy,
my talks are then good and taut.
I might love something one day,
some other day I’ll find it rot.
Sick I felt,I opted to stay unchanged,
Alas I couldn’t,cos it’s the attitude that I’ve got.

7 thoughts on “The way I am!

  1. ha ha ha cool one, no one’s perfect and we cannot please every single person on this earth. i guess sticking to one’s own style is the best bet, lot better than impersonating or being a hypocrite.

  2. good show!

    While attitude is a cool word, its richer cousin ‘latitude’ is forgotten by the literati. The former is a veil the later is cultivated. Usually latitude is assumed to be a ‘given’ and attitude as ‘taken’, but to say “I have the latitude to have an attitude is a profound statement”.

    Play with the three words (latitude, attitude and longitude)and pen a poem, you will the whole mother earth in your hands!!!. Assume longitude as a line that connects attitude & latitude.

    definition of latitude:scope for freedom of e.g. action or thought; freedom from restriction
    definition of attitude:a complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways

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