Now watching: Kshana kshanam(క్షణ క్షణం )

5 things you love in this movie?

1. Venky 😀
2. Sridevi’s naive character and priceless expressions.
3. Paresh rawal who is a personifcation of the words “cute” and “lol”.
4. Impeccable bgm and songs.
5. Creativity in the story and the cinematography of the movie.
(Sadly it is inspired from a hollywood movie)

5 dialogues that lingered in your mind after you finished watching this movie?

1. “poovemena kanipistunda?” by paresh rawal.

పూవేమైన కనిపిస్తోందా?
2. “ayana alanti vallu karu” by paresh rawal.

ఆయన  అలాంటి వాళ్ళు కారు.

3. “cinemallo choostunte chala idi ga untundi..asalu ilanti vallu untara anipistundi” by sridevi.

సినిమాల్లో  చూస్తుంటే  చాలా  ఇదిగా  ఉంటుంది..అసలు  ఇలాంటి  వాళ్ళు  ఉంటారా  అనిపిస్తుంది

4. “teliyad saar” by yaadgiri(Its his screen name)

తెలియద్ సార్
5. “ante nuvvu podichaka atanu chachchipoyadu..
kadu ,nenu podichina tarvata chachchipoyadu”

అంటే నువ్వు పొడిచాక అతను చచ్చిపోయాడు.
కాదు, నేను పొడిచిన తర్వాత చచ్చిపోయాడు.

6. “ante naku kuda first time e kada..puli definitega undadu anukuntanu.”
“definite antavu..anukuntanu antavu
” (Oops! this is the 6th one 🙂 )

“అంటే నాక్కూడా ఫస్ట్ టైం ఏ కదా..పులి definite గా ఉండదు అనుకుంటాను.”
“definite అంటావు! అనుకుంటా అంటావు!”

5 best moments in the movie?

1. “Jamu ratiri
2. “Ko ante koti
3. Venkatesh’s story narration
4. Paresh rawal’s music quiz (Super LOL..I always do this)
5. Last scene when Venky and Sridevi come together with a sweet smile on their faces. (No boring “love me”….yet so romantic 🙂 )

PS:I am looking for bgm of this movie. If any of you has those tracks, please ping me!


13 thoughts on “Now watching: Kshana kshanam(క్షణ క్షణం )

  1. My name is Piter Jankovich. oOnly want to tell, that your blog is really cool
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
    P.S. Sorry for my bad english

    • @amused observer:

      i also love this movie. but rgv in one of his interviews said tht this was one of his worst movies and he was surprised tht it became such a hit…..

  2. Awesome.. motham cinema oka sari chusinattu undi nuvvu cheptuntey :).. neeku directorial skills baane unnayi atleast analysis part .. try cheyyakudadoo nee creativity kuda add avvuddi !!

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