Another idiot!

Cheese pizzas and ghee sweets,
dine-in food and heavenly treats,
rice rich in calories and deep fries,
ice cream sundaes and chocolate pies.
roadside bajjis dripping oil,
hot and salted potatoes,with butter they boil.

I walked past all these,
with a sigh on face,
to a gym in my colony,
at my least possible pace.

Two hours of workout
and I was back in form,
My mind was then at peace,
like before a heavenly storm.

I rushed to the road opposite,
as fast as I could.
Greedily devoured some chat,
just like I daily would.

Suddenly it struck me,
my mistake is worth two hours.
Then I sung to myself:
Give me some sunshine,
Give me some rain,
Give me all the courage,
from high calories, I must refrain


9 thoughts on “Another idiot!

  1. this post reeks of peer pressure. It’s time for you go and attend a shivir of JV!! 😛

    ok… joking! nice poem. btw choco lava cake sucks… don’t bother eating that after a workout 🙂

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