Unfriendly friends!


Slowly I rise, trying to reach the shore ahead,
High I swing, curvaceous as I’ve ever been,
With all my energy I dart forward,
Excited and enthusiastic like I’m always seen.

But none knows the real me,
I’m lonesome ,to no place I belong,
The shore never embraces me,
The sea too hates me strong.

Myriad like me,under the sea,
Struggling hard to be owned ,
the only thing that binds us is,
the friends for which we moan.

I love the shore,
It’s the hope which keeps me alive.
I also love the sea,
It shelters me and thats where I dive.

Had shore kept me for herself,
I wouldn’t have rouse again.
Had sea kept me for herself,
I would’ve lived in her with no pain.

All have such unfriendly friends,
its a pity if you don’t,
Make sure you find one
to keep yourself going,
Otherwise I bet you wont 🙂

7 thoughts on “Unfriendly friends!

  1. real gud.. its been very long since I read a simple poem which made sense and could relate to straight away 🙂
    keep going..

  2. అంతా బావుంది.. కాని చివర్లో అలాంటి స్నేహితులు కాని స్నేహితులు ఉండటం వల్ల మనసుకేదో ఒరిగినట్టే రాశావ్.. వాళ్ళ వల్ల అల తన బ్రతుకీడుస్తుందనడంలో ఆశ్చర్యం లేదు.. కాని, సంతోషంగా ఉంది అని అంటే ఆశ్చర్యంగా ఉంది..

  3. chala kalam taravatha anukuntaga… nice one. kani ardam chesukotanake 3 times chadavalsi vachindi…. prasa bagundi n bhavam kooda bagundi. inthaki manaki entha mandi vunnarenti alanti unfriendly friends :D.

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