One day I sat,staring out of the window,
watching this world pass me by,
I thought theres nothing to live for,
I almost broke down and cried.

Why do things go against my will,
I cursed myself very bad.
Everything in life that happens to me,
depresses me, it makes me sad.

Headed to a tall cliff to jump off it,
my legs very swift and thoughts plain.
Then I saw him limping all the way,
selling balloons with a leg in pain.

Walked to a store to buy venom,
my throat very dry and thoughts plain.
Then I saw him charming a snake,
to get its poison for some unworthy gain.

"Last try!",I thought.I hurried home
for an electric shock with thoughts still plain.
On the way I saw a house with no lights,
deep in dark they were,yet happiness to remain.

To live is to compromise,to live is to take risks,
To live is to hope,I learnt it now.
I started living afresh,
with thanks to the One above!

15 thoughts on “Suicide!

  1. well… i always ended up posting no comments to many of your posts. but i couldnt skip commenting on this…. anu u r too good yaar. asalu i ve no words to describe. i m not a follower of poetry and u r poems seem to interest me….
    keep going!!!!

  2. anu i have just been through all your collections. extensive,exhaustive and amazing. such an amazing potential of poetry in you. all the very best keep writing more. god bless you. seetatha has also sat through the entire reasing session and she utterly enjoyed every word of it. she sends her best love and blessings. keep smiling too.

  3. ippude choosa!!
    good poem.. nicely written..
    praasa kosam prayatniste.. konni sarlu.. ardam kudaradu..
    prasanu vadili bayataku ravatam.. is a good sign…

    keep up the good work!

    coming to poem..
    its all about the optimism and pessimism.. the character just learns the diff from the people.. 🙂

  4. Really deep and touching, in this life we often feel discontent or helpless and are unable to observe the gifts God has given us. As a result such thoughts come into mind.

  5. To live is to learn to live
    To live is to celebrate life
    To live is to be content
    To live is to go beyond life

    I hope the above post was written as an observer to some thoughts rather than experiencing them. The post sounds scary to think of if someone were to say “To live is to compromise or take risks”.

  6. Really nice.. It might be good if you can add some background to every poem you write, as in what made you feel this way. Maalanti mee fans kosam 🙂

  7. chala rojula taravatha kada…. anu strikes again aaa…. bagundi. genga nee poems annitilonu prasaki imp. isthuntav. dantho andam vachidi. dintlo prasa lekunda kooda chala bagundi…. inka taggaku. kummeyi malla….

  8. “ప్రయత్నం మానవ లక్షణం” అనేకాక నిస్పృహ అందులో భాగమేనని బాగా చెప్తుంది నీ Poem. బాగా రాశావ్!

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