Drops of water dripping down slow,
They dont really know where to go!

Born in the darkest and deepest place,
Gushing out unstopped with low a pace.

Washing away the unwanted as they move on,
Leaving behind a trace from where they’ve gone.

Special they are, for they never flow back,
Short and has no goal-Weird is their track.

True to the name-they’re called as tears,
Deep inside the heart, each drop does pierce.

Joyous are cries of the vast blue skies,
Gloomy is rain of two small misty eyes.


1.      Could not leave the poem on such a sad note. So , ending it this way:-
Precious are tears, just like the heavenly rain,
treasure them inside with a rainbow on lips to sustain.

2.     If you know a great site for online poetry(Rules for writing poetry,characteristics of a poem or collection of some good poems) , Please let me know.


18 thoughts on “Drops!

  1. cant stop myself from writing this anu 🙂

    Precious are tears, the only way to express pain
    Can’t bury them inside, when right infront of you is the heart you wanna gain

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Read contemporary works Anupama 🙂 Good that you said. I read, but most of it happens to be in Hindi. I’ll surf on some English ones, and let you know.

  3. chala bagundi anu. aggi pulla, sabbu billa, etc., kadedi kavithaku anarham anatlu asalu elanti topic meedaina ala ala poems rayatamlo nee taravathe… kani ee madya emotional touch ekkuvauthundi back to form vacheyi 🙂

  4. very well written…esply last 2 lines very well put…Really Really awesome 🙂 ..one of ur best works I should say …

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