If your heart weeps,
when you see someone in pain,
If a light in you wells up to help,
Then you mustn’t refrain.

Those souls need a loving touch,
a friendly smile and a soothing word or two,
Thats all the comfort they need,
But its offered only by few.

If strong is empathy in you,
and it compels you to aid,
Feel great for its wonderful
this feeling that God has made.

Those times when caring is hard,
you must give it anyway.
For we belong to here  to save them,
A helping hand you must lend everyday.

Come join us in doing good,
Better late than never,
Little drops make a big ocean,
and we shall grow this way forever.

A smile on their lips,
is the fuel that keeps us on run.
Reaching more and more of them,
With a tribute to every heart we won.

Team-Samvedana will be the chariot,
and all of us its wheels,
Remember a helping hand is better
than a praying soul that kneels!


12 thoughts on “Samvedana!

  1. this is the first poem i have read of yours, you have covered almost every aspect about samvedana in such a wonderful way.
    but please throw some more light on the last two lines ‘helping hand is better than the praying soul that kneels!!’ is it kneeling before God or infront of some other human being?

  2. Chariot and Wheels… రెండక్షరాల్లో సంవేదన చందాన్నంతా అవలీలగా చెప్పగలిగావ్.. చాలా బావుంది 🙂

  3. chala bagundi anu. chala simple wordstho samvedana gurinchi chala baga express chesav. ye topic meedaina ala minuteslo poem raseyagalav. Hats off anu…

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