Bombay Rockers!

All aboard for bombay,

We set in to rock comad.

First ever long trip with friends,

Which we all awaited and it drove us mad.

It all started with a train journey,

Hussain sagar exp-our palanquin.

We played cards and made merry,

Tired we looked and excited within.

Hanuma and Harshi- the radio stations alongside,

Puli with a big smile had his mouth opened wide.

Kd , with her funny one-liners, was on fire,

Lyddi’s photography took us higher and higher.

Safely we landed in terror-stricken mumbai,

local trains got us from CST to powai.

Rooms as ugly as toads,

filth and dirt loads and loads,

IITB’s hostel was more a shock,

IIIT’s are far better,they absolutely rock!

Awesome was first day,research-enthu prevailed.

Freaky was second, across the sea we sailed.

Elephanta caves,Taj and gateway-feast for our eyes,

Cruise on a ferry-it was cute,short and nice.

Quickly ended the third-Gong show was the best,

Its the only talk we listened to, we ignored the rest.

Homecoming was fun-vada pavs for us to relish.

There ended COMAD with sweet memories for us to cherish.


18 thoughts on “Bombay Rockers!

  1. Hey ppl, i’ve perspicacity when i searched google
    for a meditating and replete forum, and i unmistakeable to run here)
    if you comprise gauge for my english bad… so be it, i’m justifiable learning

  2. Hey Anups awesome one re…seriously u didn’t miss anything what we’ve done over thr… and I think if u write about some terrible situations like “our journey in metro” it will be gr8 and ppl will take some precautions during such journeys… 😀

  3. Nuvvu roju roju ki ila dina-dinaabhivruddhi chendadam naaku chala santoshanga undamma anupama. Kontha mandi untaru enduku…kumbhalu kumbhalu tinadam ********(tappu ga anukoku paapa…cinema dialogue adi)
    And maree modesty kakapote nee gurinchi raaskolede?? Nuvvu matram takkuva adukunnaventi trip lo [;)]

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