Pain untold!

Not every body knows how it feels like
Pain cant be told aloud,
It hides in one’s self just alike,
Rain held in a black cloud.

One who’s expected to make you smile,
becomes the reason for your grief!
As you feel the break of something fragile,
you find you are dying and theres no relief.

The time of regret finally arrives,
You wish the meet happened never.
For it is pure sorrow this meeting derives,
Brush your teeth properly,Dont go to a dentist ever!


25 thoughts on “Pain untold!

  1. read the 1st stanza , thought abt it in usual context , went 4 da comments and one of them mentioned abt da twist 😀 , so i read it fully , nice one 🙂

  2. I agree with Himank… it’s a wonderful piece of work, fantastic. I wish I could rhyme my feelings, ideas and emotions like this… 🙂
    @Yogesh: The poet’s name is Ogden Nash 🙂

  3. rofl @ Devansh.

    Vaise even I was gonna advise you to let go of some of the rhyme, but I guess in this and Namrata’s latest kind of poems, rhyme is required.

    Good one. Send some of yours to the mag na?

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