Proud to be a IIITian

With loads of dreams I came here,

Each coming true in my future near.

English test to start with,

“healthy interaction” as per IIIT myth.

Lectures attended in CR2,

Dedication to studies which we outgrew.

Fun in workspace watching movies,

Fight for PCS did some meanies,

C- assignments to usurp this fun,

One after another making us stun.

Damn physical training, none likes it.

It serves as an alarm, not to make one fit.

Freshers and Felicity-the times most awaited,

Mid sems and end sems-times we get predated.

Project work to keep us busy,

Discontented profs often we see.

Three years this way, time flew.

How so quick, I never knew.

Reminiscingback all those days,

Happy I am and will be always.

For I feel lucky that I belongto here,

Thanks to everyone near and dear.

Just an icing to this cake:

Oh when I look back now

These days seem to last forever

And if I had a choice

Ya-I’d part you never

These are the best days of my life.



24 thoughts on “Proud to be a IIITian

  1. marvelous.
    seems alternative lyrics to the Bryan Adams’ summer of ’69.
    I was all nostalgic, furthur carried by that icing on the cake.
    great work. way to go.

  2. This was seriously nice, you portrayed each and every thing of the 3 year stay in IIIT. Liked it a lot!! 🙂
    I think abbulu’s sambhar of 69 inspired you, which you shared on twitter.. 😛

    Btw Happy Bloggers’ Day!!

  3. Anu…simply superb!! This is THE best of your works…
    All our 3 yrs of life at IIIT (ofcourse, excluding the project busy in my case) have been beautifully put in! If I ever happen to read this poem after leaving IIIT I would definitely feel nostalgic!! [:(]
    I’ll really miss you anu!!

  4. Hey Anu nice one da.. seriously this is a wonderful picturesque description of our lives at IIIT!! gud one.. Happy blogger’s day to u too 🙂

  5. Hey “_Project work for relief_” kadaa ??

    Rojantha enthoo kastapadi cinemalu chusi, games aadi, bore kottaka ….. ooo paavu ganta time dorikithe relief kosam chesedi kadaa PROJECT. alaa feel aite busy gaa kaakunda free ga vundochu. 😉 … ( kaani ee technique mee lab ki vartistundoo ledoo naaku telidu. )

    btw nee posts lo naaku ardamaina first post 🙂 Ofcourse deeniki kuuda Dictionary tho chaala pani padindhi 😦

  6. Awesome anu!!! I liked this one the most among all your poems… marvellous.. 🙂 and yeah you are d inspiration for me to write one some fine day..hope that happens soon 😉

  7. All my comments on your posts seem to be the same coz you do a splendid job as a poet..
    “Damn physical training, none likes it.
    It serves as an alarm, not to make one fit.”..Sweet..

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