My first THRILLER!

Late in  the night,
When stars were shining bright,

No moon in the sky,
When jackals started their cry,

someone sneaked into my house,
a silhouette slowly rouse.

it came towards my room,
it neared me in a zoom.

My heart pounded faster and faster,
Sure I was, of some bloody disaster.

The thing was busy searching,
and hardly noticed that I was watching.

Stealthily it slipped out from my room,
slowly fade away,its shadow loomed.

“Thank you God”, I sighed a relief.
“There are Ghosts!”, strengthend my belief.

I hardly slept rest of the right,
my eyes turned red with irresistable fright.

Soon the day broke,it was past dawn.
Earth shone bright with its morning dress on.

Things got worse-I caught high fever,
Mummy and Daddy, worried they were.

Excited,my brother was,jumping with joy.
“Yippee!”, he cried holding his little toy.

Annoyed,I called out,”What is it?”
“This pokemon”, he showed a plaything neatly knit.

“You see this radium sticker on its belly?,
It shone bright in your room”, he said silly.

So,it wasnt any ghost, my fears then calmed down,
I told my parents all this, and I became family clown.


12 thoughts on “My first THRILLER!

  1. Sonta kapitavam..
    manaki nidra lo melakuva ravalante min pidugulu padali..max tsunami ravali..
    lekapote nenu ekkada levali? Godz must be crazy 😛

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