Who is impaired?

What I have written below may seem very hypothetical. But, it is not.
I have made a story out of a real-life incident. I would not like to mention the names though 🙂

NOTE: I am no way related to this post! (Except that I have written it 🙂 )

I was on my way home,
On the roads like I always roam,
It was then I saw this girl,
Whose legs had a kind of twirl.

Then I called her “hey!need some help?”,
“No,Get lost!” ,was her yelp.
She had no friends and no fun,
she missed every merry under the sun.

“Attitude problem!”,I angrily sighed.
My sympathy for her instantly died.
Then I went home, calm and quiet,
rather argue with her and raise a fight.

Some time later I gave it a thought,
why into such misery she must have got.
Her invalid legs made her feel low,
World’s running fast and she was so slow.

Sympathy , she hated.
Friendship, she needed.
I waited for her the next day,
and found her limping all the way.

She looked sad and glum as always,
Heavy penalty,for a broken limb she pays.
“Hey!Whats your name?”, I called out.
Surprised she was to see me shout.

I slowly made friends with the girl I saw,
She started smiling since then making me awe.
Then I also came to know, crippled were only her limbs,
Not her intelligence for which the whole world whims.

Foolish World!
No body ever knows,
It’s the inside that counts
not what that shows!

PS: This has ab-ab rhyme in it … Which I promised  to use long ago.


13 thoughts on “Who is impaired?

  1. nice poem once again. good way of keeping up the rhyme without missing out the content and flow…
    way to go, way to go 🙂

  2. nice one anu. “crippled were only her limbs,
    Not her intelligence for which the whole world whims.”
    This reminded me stephen hawkins…

  3. hey anu….

    okati chepte feel avvavu kada…..appudu eppudoo nuvvu farewell ani raasindi chadivanu malli ippudu idi….
    appudedo pitchi pilla memu vellipotunte senti aypoyindi anukunna….
    kani ippudu idi chadivaka enti idi intha baa raasindi anukunna
    migatavanni chaduvutunte….I was like …..awesome ones >:D<

    keep writing …….

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