A simple word “hello”
brought us together,
We made friends,
we bugged each other.

We have known you for three years,
three long years are nothing now,
Time just flew away,
it’s null in terms of love.

Its time we disperse,
we never know if we’ll meet again,
though you will be away,
those memories we share remain.

Hope success comes wherever you go,
happy and sound you be,
May there be a silver lining
on every cloud you see.

Rare are seniors
who are loving like you,
With tears filled in eyes
we bid u adieu.


9 thoughts on “FAREWELL!

  1. “Rare are seniors
    who are loving like you”
    and this line is very true…..

    Hatsoff to them and their abiding liking towards each other.We are gonna miss our senior girls very badly 😦 …Superb post anu… hearttouching!!!

  2. Awesome poem.Perhaps your best to date because its honest and heartfelt. Keep blogging.

    PS: comments on my blog plzz!!!

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