FELICITY— edited by Mrs.Marathe

This post is dedicated to Mrs.Marathe who had all the patience to read each and every work of mine and correct them (ofcourse me too) .
Fun unlimited,
Souls reactivated,
Felicity is here again,
to make us iiitians insane.
Elite fest it is,
happiness everywhere,excitement and cheers,
Felicity is here again,
freedom from daily chores for us to attain.
Literary cafe for creative brains,
Zombie zone, unbeaten remains,
Felicity is here again,
Those events from which you can’t refrain.
Intelligent enough to play with electronic gadgets?
Brave enough to act your best on the sets?
Felicity is here again,
A good platform for your guts and brain.
Cultural events ‘in’ for fun freaks,
threads online and onsite for real geeks.
Felicity is here again,
many events ready to rock you in chain.
Indian ocean,to add rhythm to the day,
Another surprise guest for you to say ‘hurray’!.
Felicity is here again,
showcase all your talents, whatever your domain.
Three days packed with frolic and pace,
Delight and joy rule the place,
Felicity is here again,
A perfect time for ‘masti’ and to entertain.
Yet we have much more in store,
It’s all left for you to come explore,
Felicity is here again – very special and anew,
a note to all readers,we heartily welcome you.
Thank you mam, for everything 🙂

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