Flow back o time,
Flow back to those years,
Get me some peace,
And rid of these tears.

Life was life,
Only when he was with me,
My spirits were always high,
Just like the river that meets the sea.

Flow back o time,
Flow back to those days,
Get rid of this pain,
Thats troubling me in million ways.

It was all dark,
And he walked in.
Thousand lights lit up,
Its a feeling victory akin.

Flow back o time,
Flow back to those seconds,
Get me my love,
Whom my heart beckons.

I tried all these days
To get rid of his thoughts,
I fear losing myself,
Because I still love him lots.

Flow back o time,
Flow back now,
Its high time already,
I am in thirst of love.


19 thoughts on “FORSAKEN…

  1. hm …
    nice … got the same thing to tell u again …
    Everything happens for a purpose ..
    just keep going and blogging 😉

    wish this was a much loonger poem .. its very good .. but its jst that i am thirsty 😛

  2. @ Raghuraam..
    Who are you? Please let me know your identity..and what the hell do all those stars mean?Do they mean sth bad..and to be frank, I read your comment twice ,I dint understand one thing, are you sympathizing with me? or are you mocking at me?
    btw, I dont love anyone…. nor am I ditched by anyone..
    And thank you for the admiration…I am honoured. 🙂

  3. btw you are really good at this…
    maybe you should think of getting these printed…
    You ought to show em to Mr/mrs.marathe …..
    i think he’ll love them.

  4. i just need to know two things.
    1.Who is he?
    2.What is his height/weight?
    Given these details… I shall have to proceed with first buying a monkey cap
    (see mani ratnam’s roja to see what i mean),
    Get a first year to borrow a pair of hockey sticks on my behalf ,
    spend a week or two in figuring out his daily routine
    in the meantime practice on a mannequin i will have stole from shopper’s stop or big bazaar….
    and then i’ll **** his ***** with a big ***** and ***** an ***** up his ***** while he’s watching. Following this, i will **** his ***** without ***** the ****** and top it off with a really good ******* ,hence the aforementioned hockey stick.After that, i’ll show him the poem and show him which would hurt more.
    while(he answers yes….):
    GOTO line:11;
    get a printed apology;
    deliver it to your person.
    I am really sorry to tell you…. boys are jerks… they ‘in the immortal words of the fictitious miss granger’ have the emotianal bandwidth of a teaspoon. Save yourself a lot of trouble and just wait until they grow up.

  5. u rock……
    I asked u earlier also who is this chap??
    And ya u r gifted ….u really are awesome at poetry…
    And the one feeling you write often about is really worth writing….I am sure u r in love…how can u know this craving so well re???
    Keep on blogging…

  6. A NICE POST written with a good feeling love is truly eternal may u get the bavagaddu again ur life.Do not worry i will pray to god that u meet bavagadu soon…………………[:)]


  7. Nice poem. Keep blogging. I think bavagadu is not aware of these posts 😛 . If he had read the previous poem he wouldn’t have given us the opportunity to read this. shall i help you in making bavagadu read these poems. 😛 . Anyway cool post. carry on. IIIT poet (i guess you know who it is) ni minchi pothunnav.

  8. good one honestly !
    me failed big time in poetry so i know how difficult it can become
    and this one was filled with feelings and is properly structured….
    the repetition of the lines:
    Flow back o time,

    and subsequent ones is good, especially that you’ve kept them bold, in an attempt to bring the effect, which has been successful at least in my case.
    Nice rhyme and theme… though deliberate attempt at rhyming at few places, which can be comfortably neglected…
    In fact, these lines can be given music and can become a nice song…

  9. God anu… u rock big time!!So when do we get to know this “him” and did you tell him abt this blog?? Too good a poem [:)] Chala chala bagundi Nijanga chala chala superga undi [:P]

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