A token of love!

The more you talk to me,
the more you seem closer,
the more I fall for you,
I feel great to be a loser.

The more you look at me,
the more I get pretty,
Your love and wholly your love,
makes me write this ditty.

The more I start thinking about you,
I feel happier than ever,
if there is something that I like the most,
It is to get you forever.

To tell you all this,
I reach your doorstep.
These inner feelings however,
never leave my lower lip.

A day would come,
and you will know all this,
It is then you will get to know,
What on earth you did really miss.

I keep on counting days,
for that special day to come,
That day is truly promising,
for a loving heart which has been so numb.


31 thoughts on “A token of love!

  1. You are something when it comes to poems!! Here’s a small one from me in your poem’s ishtyle :

    The more you write about romance,
    The more people become your fans.
    So not to worry dear about your fiance,
    He’s sure gonna be overwhelmed by your love at once..

    Keep going, as you are doing great guns!! 🙂


  2. నువ్వు రాసినవన్నీ ఒక చోటుకి చేరిస్తే మాంచి collection అవుతుంది. 🙂

    So! October 3, 2007… someone from girls.. digg it!! let’s know what happened then 😛

  3. Hey anupama … really nice poem …the second last stanza was the best part of the poem for me 🙂 ….Now i have to say u really are a good poet…

    I too have written a few poems but all are in Hindi … could never try them in English.
    Anyways keep up the nice work !!!

  4. good one.. now that u hav written all of them in some what normal english, try using more sophisticated language so that you can convey your thoughts with minimum words and in a classy way…

    not that i know those words or blah, poems using those words would be minimal and would be effective yeah, to present the simple ones for your beloved would be good 🙂

  5. it’s a superb poem …

    specially these four lines …

    the more I fall for you,
    I feel great to be a loser.

    The more you look at me,
    the more I get pretty,

    To write a love letter to some one,
    now i know whom to contact … 🙂 !!

  6. really nice….the first few stanzas remind me of the song “Nuvvu Nuvvu” from the movie Khadgam…But I feel that the last few lines are a bit contradictory to the original idea…but still this poem has its own stance….

  7. You are awesome at poems… I mean seriously I have rarely met people who manage to convey themselves to the reader with such free flowing lines… I guess all this comes natural to you… you have an excellent source of alternate income. 😀

  8. though i did not understand the context of the below comment:
    “Hey Anups…very nice poem re…really….Don’t worry whatever happens is good for us and dont take everything to heart [:)]…”

  9. kummav anu.Nee poemslo the best.hrudayalotula nunchi jaluvarina ee animutyam yevarikosamoooo.yevara bavagaru 😛

  10. nice re………………….
    well who is the lucky chap????

    Your poems are awesome .I was only familiar with your mindblowing sense of humour but not this romantic nature of yours……….
    I suck at writing poems……….and u rock buddy

  11. nuvve rasava ee poem ..?? ekkadnundaina dobbava???? naku doubt pedda.. [:P] remember my gr8 poem which i showed to u in inter???

  12. Anu… seriously its awesome… wonderful poem…..
    I guess persons who are in love can only quote such wonderful words.. so whos that lucky guy 😛 …..

  13. Anu, the poem is simply superb.. seems like got to learn how to write one [:P].Lucky man[;)] eh!!!.Hope everything turns out as u always wanted it to..Keep going!!!

  14. Too good. Looks like it came right from your heart!! Hope that person realizes ur value and everything happens as you thought it would [:)]
    Ilantive nuvvu inkenno raasi abhivruddhi lo ki raavalani naa korika!![:)]

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