An apology!

Once upon a time there lived in woods,
a small rabbit who was very naive.
It assumed it knew everything,
the way of cunning world in which it was alive.

” Be friends with everyone”,
this is what it always believed in,
“Never hurt anyone”,
this is what it considered the biggest sin.

Despite these ideals,it did hurt many,
knowingly or the other way,
it couldnt bear the despise from any,
Which landed it on the grounds of grief and dismay.

The other animals didnt hate it,
nor did they love,
What pricked it the most then??,
it was adoration then,its a formality now.

how rude it is,
“to gain someone, you’d have to loose the other”.
Whats the point in being such a society,
Where friendship is such a bother!!

Rabbit grew smarter,
It learnt a lesson,
“Talk to everyone,
be friends to none”.

There is a rabbit in me now,
It has got into me somehow.
I confess I have started being skin-deep,
Its better for me than to cry and make others weep.


13 thoughts on “An apology!

  1. I don’t understand what this poem essentially means…but could get some lines which “Talk to everyone…be a friend to none”…though it didn’t appeal to me,it reflects a bit of mine….”talk to everyone…be a friend of one or two”…
    anyways this effort should be applauded….story kinda poem…hmmm

  2. Abo miss ‘pama’ baga senti ekkuva ayindi but i liked the inner meaning of the poem and yes a rabbit is there within all of us which we donno about, but thanks for enlightening me 😀

    PS If u give me a live demo of classroom singing then maybe i can follow you up… 😛

  3. First awesome poem!!
    I don’t know how much the thing I have written below is relevant…

    All things appear and disappear because of the concurrence of causes and conditions. Nothing ever exists entirely alone. Everything is in relation to everything else.
    In short the Rabbit will meet good people n frnds in future

    Rabbit should have learned the lesson…

    “Be friends with everyone
    expect from none”

  4. nice post anu.the rabbit changed according to surrounding .but if it applies same polocy to every one it may loose some frens whose love it the most.

  5. Mams…good that you’ve realized that not everyone who talks to you with a smile is a good friend but u ought to sort that out at some point of time… being skin-deep may keep you away from some actual good people…like me[:P]
    Nice poem btw… nee lo inta kalaposana unnattu naaku teline kedu sumee[:)]
    Edo telugu lo chinna chinna vi rastavani telusu gaani inta pedda di adi engalpeesu lo… too much ga!! Choosava nannu inspiration ga teeskuni raste nee lo unna goppa kavi bayatiki ela tannukuntoo vacchindo…
    Parvaledu.. nuvvu naaku thnx cheppanavasaram ledu le…oka treat iyyu adjust ayipotale [:P]

  6. soooooo nice ….. but a small thing …. learn from the happennings but dont try to loose your identity … one should change in a way that it should make them feel better and stronger (in a +ve sense)[:)] … gud post .. Kepp blogging !!!

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