Guy next door!

It all started in November..My fav month..
I usually spend my weekends at my aunts place.
Never did I think that I would meet my first love there!
One fine evening…
I was on the way to my aunts house..Bought few chocolates of my fave and knocked the door to surprise them.I never expected that a much bigger surprise was in store for me.”HE” opened the door.He was extremely CUTE..cuter than the cutest person I have ever seen.
Rose pink cheeks and blue eyes..Red lips which bore a smile which could steal all the hearts in this world.He gently let me in and quickly stepped out of our house.Oh God!How I wished he could stay for some more time!!!

Slowly,We became friends.We used to share our chocolates,played together but never talked to each other.A “Sweet” smile always bid a “hi”..and an unhappy look on his face ,a “bye”.

It was Feb14th and I was home again for him.We were watching a show on TV in which a hero offered a rose to his beloved one.Dont know what made him do this,but he quickly grabbed a rose from our table and offered it to me.I was more than happy and kissed him on his cheeks for the first time.What a special valentine!

To my shock,the next time I went to my aunts place,He left to his mothers place.It was then I came to know that he was an NRI and was on a vacation to his granny’s house who happened to be our neighbour.He left behind a small soft-toy[A cute puppy] as a token of love.:)
He will be back to India this summer again-I am looking forward to it.
By the way,this guy next door is Sri Anuj 1.5 years old.


11 thoughts on “Guy next door!

  1. twist expect chEsaanu…baavundi…konchem cinematic gaa undi….
    endukanTE i’ve heard and seen such instances ealier like in an old film where Ramaprabha teases her hubby Rajababu using a similar storyline…anyways
    these kinda posts always bring up a cute little smile on the lips of whoever reads it….

  2. I am a sucker for romantic comedies so I loved your post.It was so cute and refreshing.You made a very very early start Anu.Keep the spirit up!!

  3. Good posts… but, tis 1… dunno, saw the storyline similar to tis somewhere so wazint a surprise climax for me…

    anywaz u hav some real talent… enjoy !!!

  4. Hehe..So your love-life is almost your age 😛 !!Hey by the way,I think there has been a typo..It should have been 15 years or 25 years but not 1.5 years 😉 Comeon now,you dont have to change the ages!! Kidding honey..Nice post!!

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