Welcome to another sem,
the hell is ready,
So are we,
all set for the 3rd year spree.

Gone are the days of fun,
the joy of vacation is all done,
Pleasantly monsoons take over the scorching sun,
IIIT usurps holidays leaving happiness to none.

Books in piles to look into,
Assignments in loads to do,
Lectures boring to listen to,
Exams are the worst nightmares coming true.

Yet here we are geared up for all that,
Life rocks in IIIT despite being fussy,
The doors of  frustration  are now shut,
Friends in the air to make it lovely from messy.


7 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Well I really dont know what to say about this post… Hmm….Let me think….. Ya …. BRILLIANT!!! 🙂 You are soo damn good at this poetry!!

  2. Never expected this busy scheduled semister atleast after four of them.We have classes on all the days of the week [:(].So sad…

  3. Great post.You have a promising career as a poet!Well we’ve aldready come to the 3rd year , good things happen so fast!

  4. i think you are much concerned about the books , assignments 😛 (just kidding) … as you said the hell is ready but got vexed with the long span of holidays awaiting for the new sem which seems to be nice for a week and messy after …. you are geared up for all these to rock a head …i suppose 🙂 … keep blogging

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