A shy and timid girl was I,
when I got into a new world.
Bold and confident I am,
Perfectly reverse,my character swirled.

Sensitive I was,
And tears to wet my cheeks,
Sensible now I am,
I haven’t cried since many weeks!

Poor is a man with no money,
Poorer is a one with no character,
Poorest is the one with no friends,
And I always wanted to be the richest however life wends.

Loadz of friends I started to make,
some true and some fake,
All are an addiction,
Be in any number,they are not an obsession.

Started to Love people,
Thanks to her who taught me how to,
Love is to give whatever you have and be humble,
Its all about how one soul can be equal to two.

A-new-pama is the one I never dreamt of before,
Here I stop to pen her though there is lots more.


19 thoughts on “A-new-pama

  1. Gr8 poem miss ‘pama’ has good rythm in it also so do u write poetry often if yes would like to read a few more …..

  2. hey anu rocking vunde poem….
    even Iam asking this question who is behind your poetry? U need a inspiration for the poetry …newyas its very nice…
    keep blogging..

  3. well written … post straight away from your heart !!!!!!!!
    nice to see that one my friends was a poetess 🙂 . poetry is
    something from ones heart and what one feels and its not just the matter of framing and rhyming the words.
    Keep Blogging !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. every time i skipped to comment reading all u r before blogs…due 2 my laziness……but this one made me active enough 2 write a comment………………….
    kummesaavu…….really u ve a looooooooooootttttttttttttt …..
    wats the secret of u r poetry……. and of course this change……….

  5. Hey Anups!!!!!u rock re…I wanna put u anew name apart from Anups since…u r a little cute poetess of our GH. I hope u’ll come up with many poems like this cute one, honey[:)]

  6. nice poem.but my fren forgot to mention the drastic change in her language.how she began to use some cute sweet words 🙂 😛

  7. Amazingly written especially the title and the last 2 lines.You have a real talent girl.Poetry is difficult to pull off – its not just about rhyming and all but you were direct dil se and it was a very nice read.Keep blogging!!

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