Stars on the earth!

I looked at the stars,
and was fascinated.
They were small and beautiful,
pretty and they scintillated.

As I moved away,
they came with me.
A happy feel it was,
and great to see.

An amiable hand I lent,
“Lets be friends for ever”.
A soapy hand I got,
“Friends with you?never!”.

If I wasnt worthy,
Why is it that they lure?
I cried over them,
for I was ditched for sure!

Stars are the people
we quite often meet,
they are very bitter,
though they appear sweet.

I learnt a lesson,
the grapes I wanted are sour.
Now all that I am left with
is only tears to pour.


8 thoughts on “Stars on the earth!

  1. Very rightly said !!!!

    Try thinking in this way “If they arent worthy of ur friendship then they are not stars 😉 … the friends which u have now are the real stars 🙂 ”

    Ultimate post !!

  2. One of the best posts I have read in the recent past!! Not getting any words to describe the honesty which is getting reflected in each and every line!!! So very true.. The best thing to do is to think that you can never have ANYBODY all for u except for your family..Stop expecting even from your friend you like the most.Worked wonders for me!! Try ur luck at it…

  3. Neat post u have once again picked up on the saying “Looks can be deceiving” but y did u end the post at such a bad mood i mostly never end any of my poems with sad or negative feelings anyways it was good…

  4. Amazing post.Poetry is a tough act to pull and you have done it so well.After a long time I liked a post so much.Keep up the gud work.

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