WordPress blog of anoo’s records!

Well,this blog is a collection of all the records I have made for myself and break them so often!

1.Song I have listened to myriad number of times:
Its “yekkada vunna” from nuvvekavali.Believe it or not,I have listened to this song 10,762 times a single day!Fantabulous lyrics I must say,a person who is truly mad in love would enjoy this song like hell.
PS:I am NOT in love.Yet I LOVEEEEEE this song.
Many other songs are still in queue,but this still remains my first choice.

2.Film I have watched uncounted number of times:
Its nuvvu naaku nahcchav..Dont know what magic’s there in the movie,whenever I feel glum,I just play it and it revitalises me.
Perfect combo of comedy,love and sentiment.I still manage to find time to watch the movie atleast once a week in this busy schedule[4th sem in IIIT-CSE] of ours.

3.Well heres it-another record which I have recently made:
My mom was not at home ,neither my dad.So,I planned a big surprise for them-I decided that I would cook for them.I made Lemon Rice,cooked some dal and plain rice of which none of them turned to be edible.
Lemon Rice is the best of all-it atleast looked like one though it tasted extremely sour.Dal and plain rice turned out to be brown in color which I couldnt even look at for the second time- forget tasting them.
After they came home,we had a hearty laugh over this and discarded this “material” which our neighbours dog didnt taste either.
Great me!

4.Another record worth mentioning is that
I have watched Stalin in theature twice after watching it on my laptop.
No more elaborations on that!I guess it says it all.

5.Ultimate Replication:
Dont know in which class I was then.A painting competetion was condcuted in our school.
The topic was “Anything that makes you smile”.
I was extremely lazy to give it a try to think on my own.
I just looked into my neighbours paper.He had artistically drawn a clown by then and was coloring it.
I merely copied everything from his paper including the colors he was filling in.
Believe this or not,
I even copied his name,his roll number,class and section which was the biggest mistake I made.
Both of our names were shortlisted[Ahem..in copied list] and the poor fella was disqualified for the final round.
Clever me!I denied that I copied from him..There was nothingon that paper that belonged to me!:D

[to be continued]


9 thoughts on “WordPress blog of anoo’s records!

  1. dont ask me y i replied after one year of posting…but i’ll tell..i came across it now only….”ekkada unnaa” song…music:kOTi
    singer:sriram….lyrics:sirivennela…sirivennela lyrics ultimate raastaaru…i am a die hard fan of his…nEnu aayana songs annitikii lyrics raasi system lo pettukuntunnaanu…
    next comes “nuvvu naaku nacchaav”…nEnu trivikram die hard fan ni..inkaa venky naa fav hero…so aa cinema gurinchi nuvvu cheppinavannii deifinite gaa oppukunTaanu…its a movie which brings us out of a moody situation for sure….paina nuvve kaavaali cinema koodaa trivikram story ne…
    inkaa “stalin”…neeku evarannaa saayam chEstE adi inko mugguriki chEsi lekka sarichoosukomannaadu kadaa annayya!!!anduke moodu saarlu choosEsaav kadaa!!chaalule…[:)]paapam aa painting competition lO disqualify ayina nee friend ki naa belated sympathy….u were really naughty…..

  2. The first record cannot be true u have just 24*60*60 seconds in a day and that mean the song is abt
    8.0282475376324103326519234343059 seconds …

    thats funny

  3. nuvvu naaku nahcchav is cool !! watched it once wasnt able to watch till the end …

    Nice list of records !!

  4. @ Mr.Ramanujan:-
    Your maths is rocking.
    Please do read my other posts too..There are no such blunders in them[atleast I guess.]

  5. to my knowledge there are only 24*60=1,440 mins in a day,but not 10,762*6 = 64,572 mins. == 44.84 days(atleast on this planet)!!!!
    hoping that ur on this planet only on that auspisious day, 86,400/10,762= 8 secs != 6 mins (its obvious na ???)

  6. lolzzzzzzz at the last one!!! Coming to the movie NNN,U can never think of beating me cozz ive watched it more than a 100 times 😀 I remember each and every dialogue 🙂

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